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Kassidy Malcolm

Student Athlete at Central Washington University

Location icon United States

I am a student athlete majoring in public relations with a minor in photography. I love to take pictures, be outdoors, travel, and write. I have experience in leadership roles, as I play basketball at Central Washington University. It requires great communication, selfless sacrifices and a lot of team work to play at the collegiate level. I also have great experience managing social media accounts such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I am able to write news releases, fact sheets, backgrounders and create effective and appealing infographics. I'm striving to find a job that I am passionate about. I'm hopeful that my future will take me to places all over the world, experiencing different cultures and seeing beautiful places along the way, capturing every moment I can with my camera.

Contact Information: [email protected] / 509-260-0291

OXO Company Launches Revolutionary Cake Cutter and Server

The Cake Cutter and Server combo is another ingenious product to meet cake lover’s needs. With this tool, users can cut and serve cake in a single stroke. It is shaped a certain way so users don’t have to touch any of the cake. If a consumer squeezes it enough, the cake stays within the cutter until they would like to serve the cake.

The OXO Company
PNW Blog

If you have ever been to the PNW before, you had to of noticed the amazing sunsets there. If not a fiery red, they almost always are a cotton candy color with small hints of pink and purple pastel colors.

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