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2019 could be worst year for measles in US for 30 years: "We're losing ground to a disease that...

Almost 20 years after measles was eliminated in the U.S., 2019 could see the highest rates of the dangerous disease in three decades, an expert has warned. A combination of the efforts of the small but extremely vocal anti-vaccine movement and barriers to obtaining shots in some communities has sparked outbreaks of the potentially deadly-but entirely preventable-disease across the country.

NASA has existed for 60 years-so why haven't we found aliens yet?

From the first human Moon landing to helping launch the Hubble Space Telescope, which has given us unprecedented views of the wonders which loom above Earth's clouds, NASA has achieved a lot in the 60 years since it was founded. But finding aliens is unfortunately not on that list.

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The 500ft tower dividing locals that could change the eccentric city of Brighton

Illumined by the high-summer sun, my hometown of Brighton (pop: 273,400) throbs with life. The stretch of pebble beach between the gaudy rollercoasters of the Palace Pier and the burnt-out remains of the West Pier is filled with sunbathers. Among them, parents chat while their children happily pile up rocks - who cares that there's no sand?

India's only gay prince is opening his palace up as an LGBT sanctuary

Throughout his life, Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil has broken traditions, stereotypes and taboos. Despite the stigma a divorce carries in India, he ended his marriage with his princess in 1992. A decade later, he became the first member of the Indian royal family to come out as gay and launched an LGBT rights charity shortly afterward.

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Forget Honshu - visitors to Japan should head for Kyushu instead

"Welcome to paradise!" says the naked, middle-aged woman sitting beside me, grinning as she sinks deeper into the almost-too-hot spring water pool at Hotel Shiragiku in the Japanese city of Beppu. She has travelled from Hong Kong to visit the laid-back spa city famous for its 2,500 mineral-rich hot springs, which are said to soothe the skin and relax the body.

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The fascinating history of prosthetic limbs - and the bionic future

Cassie Cava was just 22 years old when she had her leg amputated. Born with a club foot, she suffered complications after breaking it walking up the stairs. Enduring operation after operation over six years, she was still left struggling to walk - and coping with levels of pain that forced her to drop out of medical school.

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Tight security fails to stop party as Fabric reopens

It's 1.30am in a bare-bricked, underground room in Farringdon, east London, and a crowd flooded in blue and red LED light has opened out into a huge mosh pit. There's a delicious moment of tension, then the bass drops. Arms and legs flying, people happily hurl themselves at each other to Chase and Status' pounding dubstep.

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The trans sports clubs that are changing people's lives

It's a Friday night in Lewisham and ten people have gathered for a weekly swimming club at the inner London borough's modern leisure centre, an oasis of calm beyond which city life grinds on. Reflections from the red light of the emergency exit sign dance on the water of the dimly lit pool where Roberta Francis, the club's head honcho, plays catch with another swimmer.

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