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Kasey M. Lum

Freelance Writer, Journalist, Blogger

Location icon United States of America

Kasey M. Lum works in Digital Marketing by day and is a blogger by night. A graduate from Connecticut College with a dual degree in Environmental Studies and East Asian Studies, Kasey melds her passions for sustainability, environmental awareness, technology, and world culture as a contributing writer for eco-fashion and news website, Ecouterre, and through her popular blog, Plein Vanity.

A writer at heart, Kasey has a passion for sharing groundbreaking, trend-setting stories with the world and highlighting people, companies, and products that make a difference. Kasey has written for Mother Nature Network, Time Out New York Magazine, and has consulted for a number of non-profit organizations in the environmental, legal, and entertainment sectors.

Email Kasey at [email protected] to inquire about her freelance services.




On March 25, 1911, a large fire engulfed a clothing factory in New York City killing 146 workers, most of whom were immigrant women.



Throughout China, many people rely on hanging clean clothes outside to dry as a simple, cost-efficient way to do laundry. In areas of Southern China where the climate is often damp, there is the domestic challenge of keeping clothes free of moisture.

Film Biz Recycling | Green Media Solutions

Just recently Green Media Solutions stopped by Film Biz Recycling and spoke with FBR founder and executive director, Eva Radke - who they appropriately dubbed, The Queen of Reuse. Check out their nice write up and find out why. Green Media Solutions talks with Film Biz Recycling founder Eva Radke about her multi-pronged approach to greening the film biz, and beyond...

The College Voice- Connecticut College
TNEs Still Exist, Albeit Nameless

After an exhausting week of classes and the prospect of an exciting weekend ahead, many students look forward to spending time with friends and having fun on campus in whatever way possible. Recently there have been complaints about the redundancy and infrequency of social events on campus. With the disappearance in the past two years of TNE’s and kegs, SAC has become responsible for the majority of social activities at Conn. While the new keg policy and consequent drop in number of hosted...

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