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Marketing in Asia
Three Easy Steps to Start Your Thought Leadership Marketing - Marketing in Asia

Suppose you are passionate about a particular topic and have a deep interest and experience in it. In that case, you might just want to consider raising your brand as an influential thought leader in the industry. Establishing thought leadership can help you advance your career and attract new career opportunities.

Marketing in Asia
Seven Ways To Build Your Thought Leadership Influence On Social Media - Marketing in Asia

In my previous article, I shared three easy steps to start your thought leadership marketing. In summary, I raised the reasons why one should consider thought leadership marketing and how to get it started. I also added that increasingly, thought leadership views are in demand and these experts are sought after by industry peers and media reporters for their valuable insights.

Marketing in Asia
Beginners Guide To Social Media Marketing Content Planning - Marketing in Asia

We all know how important it is for professionals and business owners to show up on social media in this digital age. The pandemic has also shifted our customers attention online more. Thus, showcasing our leadership expertise and products via regular knowledge sharing online is the best way to capture attention.

Marketing in Asia
Image-Centric Social Media Marketing Is Hot! - Marketing in Asia

In recent years, one of the most significant trends in social media marketing is the creation of image-centric social media posts or content. In the digital age, where our consumers are spoiled with an array of contents on many social media platforms, capturing your customers' attention requires clever tactics.

Marketing in Asia
Why Small Businesses Do Public Relations - Marketing in Asia

No matter how small your business is, having a sound public relations (PR) strategy is an essential aspect of brand building. Contrary to what most SMEs or micro SMEs believe, PR is not only for large companies. In fact, small businesses that engage in PR see the benefit of getting brand exposure and increased credibility little by little over time.

The Powerful and Magical Effect of Kindness

The power of kindness and generosity are so powerful that it can make the recipient continue the act and pay it forward to others. A video by Simon Sinek on a stormy Saturday on this topic reminded me of an incident that I experienced six years ago and how it has made such an impact in my life.

Marketing in Asia
Boosting Your Brand Reputation Through Testimonials - Marketing in Asia

Planning on having a dinner date over the weekend or planning to purchase a new baby stroller for your infant? Before deciding on whether the café down the street is worth bringing your date or the rave about the foldable stroller that will fit in your car boot is true, the tendency is that we will check online reviews.

Marketing in Asia
7 Easy Ways To Promote Your Testimonials - Marketing in Asia

Beyond traditional advertising and marketing, customer advocacy plays a significant role in our brand building. With platforms such as Tripadvisor, Amazon, Yelp, G2 Crowd, and Google My Business, third party reviews and testimonials have the power to rank your business higher on search engines and gain more trust.

Marketing in Asia
Tips On Building Great Connections With Journalists And Editors - Marketing in Asia

As Editor for Op-Ed at Marketing in Asia (MIA), I am excited to be connected with contributors from the Asia Pacific and enjoy reading their well-written, authentic, personalised and insightful commentaries . Today, we have more than 160 contributors whose pieces are well-received by our readers with 53,000 page views.

The discovery journey of 'a million words' starts at home.

Last night, my kids and I had a 'field trip' to IKEA to look for a new shelving unit to store the Fuji mountain of books that we had in the kids' room. Ever since the girls were born, I developed a habit of reading to them every single day (call it the educator's syndrome) and thus the pile-up.

10 Traits of an Awesome Pre-school Teacher

If I were to conduct a poll and ask how many pre-school teachers love our jobs, I am confident of seeing lots of raised hands (or thumbs up on Facebook). I believe you because I am one of them.

10 Lessons Our Children Teach Us About Life

Do you remember what it's like to be a child? To be care-free and curious. Have you taken the time to observe how your children interact with the world around them? If you haven't, the next time you go to the park, beach or playground, sit and watch them from afar.

7 Tips to Prep Your Toddlers for Pre School

If your toddler is starting preschool in the New Year, congratulations on approaching a major milestone. Starting school is a big step for our toddlers, and for us, parents too!

12 Easy and Effective Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents - PQ_Info

In a fierce property marketplace and intense competition, real estate professionals will need to step up their marketing efforts to grab the attention of their potential clients. Today, buying ads or promoting on Facebook and Instagram may not be enough. Complementing it with other marketing strategies and tactics on both traditional and online platforms may...

Marketing in Asia
Top Habits Of Highly Successful And Effective Writers - Marketing in Asia

The recent shut down of Blu Inc Sdn Berhad publishing house came as a big blow to magazine followers like me. Citing Covid19 and challenges arising in digital disruption as the key reasons for the cessation, the publishing house was well known for their women's magazines such as Jelita, Cosmopolitan and Eh!

Marketing in Asia
6 Reasons Why SEO Is Important For Small Businesses - Marketing in Asia

Many small business owners may think that investing a part of their marketing budget on search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy is not necessary. They may consider it as ineffective and too technical even to make sense of it. However, this is far from the truth. SEO provides a huge opportunity for small businesses.

Marketing in Asia
The Powerful And Magical Effect Of Kindness - Marketing in Asia

The power of kindness and generosity are so powerful that it can make the recipient continue the act and pay it forward to others. A video by Simon Sinek on a stormy Saturday on this topic reminded me of an incident that I experienced six years ago and how it has made such an impact in my life.

Coronavirus Lockdown: Online Literacy Programme For Children | emakayah.com

English literacy programme for young children to build and accelerate skills in writing and reading in the comfort of your home. Parents, we can totally understand you. It's been three weeks since the RMO. You are probably on the verge of a mental breakdown with the effects of social distancing, closure of schools, and having the children on home-based learning.

Five powerful reasons for business blogging.

Blogging for business is one of the most essential, effective, and inexpensive marketing tactics to connect to your customers, like-minded individuals, professionals, and members of your community. Publishing blogs on your website can act as an additional marketing channel to expose your brand, increase visibility, and build your authority in the industry.

How To Promote Yourself On LinkedIn - GENIA

For people to follow your business, they will have to trust the person behind the brand. LinkedIn is a great place to build your thought-leadership, brand authority or expertise area. Use it to your advantage to connect with like-minded individuals and grow your network. 4.

How to build your personal brand on LinkedIn

Seven easy tips to create your personal branding on this fabulous platform. As a social media marketer, I help my clients identify the benefits and potential reach of having their brands or professional presence on different social media platforms. For clients whose target audience is B2B customers, my advice would be for them to have a social media footprint on LinkedIn.

Lisa Tanner Writing
10 Inspirational Blog Post Ideas for Mompreneurs

Note from Lisa: Wondering what you should write about? I've got an amazing guest post to share with you today that'll help you answer that question. Kartina Rosli shares 10 inspirational blog post ideas that are prefect for mompreneurs. You'll find ten types of blog posts you can write that'll help you fill your content calendar for the beginning of 2020!

Marketing in Asia
Nail It! How To Clinch That TV News Interview - Marketing in Asia

Despite the increasing popularity of social media as a source of news stories and more traditional media going online, getting a news story on a TV news segment or programme is still a big deal. Today, we have hundreds of TV news, current affairs programmes and shows in the Asia Pacific that are always looking for quality content.

10 Zero Budget Marketing Strategies for New Start-Ups

As a new start-up, I know how it is like to be boot-strapped and notl have a big budget to promote your brands through advertisements. Being prudent is key, and every cent counts. However, you don't need a big budget to start your marketing campaign to raise brand visibility and getting leads.

There is no shame in being a 'late bloomer'.

I started my career in the government sector upon graduating from Singapore Polytechnic in business administration, majoring in Public Relations and Advertising. From an administrative assistant, I rose to the rank of Communications Officer in five years, producing C-level conferences and had my taste of being a young copywriter and Editor of a government publication.

The New Press Release In A Tech-Driven World

Five reasons why press releases are here to stay Over the last few years, technology has changed the way we live and do business. For organisations and in particular, public relations (PR) professionals, these include the way we communicate with members of the press.

Rock the boat or fear sinking.

I was a corporate communications professional all my life. That's 24 years of solid hard work, and tons of ups and downs. I had plans to retire at 50 and be happy with a decent sum of savings. However, we can only plan. God decides our destiny.

Make fear your super power.

Does fear exist? Is it just in our heads or a perception of reality? Why does fear rock our confidence, stifle our imagination, and discourage us from having a spirit of adventure? Is it even necessary to have such fears and how do we overcome this?

Why Being a Mentor Matters

All of us have mentors in our life. Whether it's a youth mentor in secondary school, career mentor in university, a professional mentor at work, or a business mentor in your entrepreneurial journey, you will agree that all of us have benefited from the wisdom of our great mentors and how they have changed our lives.

The Star Online
Learning from mum the hard way

People always wonder why children tend to be much closer to their mothers even though they are the ones who reprimand, nag and punish them. I suppose it is natural since the bond was created right from the womb.