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Kari Keller Owens, M.A.

Content Marketing Manager/Web Content Manager/Content Strategist/Writer & Editor

Location icon United States

I am an accomplished digital marketing professional who is passionate about all things content–content management, content strategy, web content production, content writing and editing. I have more than fifteen years of proven experience building brands and communicating an impactful, creative and cohesive marketing message for companies such as Nike, Inc., Proctor and Gamble, Coors Brewing Co. and Ricoh USA. I am a confident professional with an eye for detail and a strong determination to succeed.

Ricoh Marketing Campaign
Ricoh Live Tech Support Sell Sheet

This is a sell sheet I wrote to help the Ricoh sales team sell an Interactive Whiteboard service.

Croakies® Media
Croakies® Press Release

A press release announcing Croakies® partnership with Trout Unlimited.