Karin Cuppens

Fashion Editor

Location icon Belgium

After my studies at the London College of Fashion in Fashion & Lifestyle Journalism, I have acquired fashion and other writing experience via internships and my current jobs at Voice and CarréCouture.

Stephanie Specht | Speaking Of Style | CarréCouture

We enter Stephanie Specht's apartment in Antwerp on a cloudy Thursday afternoon, where we are immediately overwhelmed by the amount of positive energy, colourful designs and the breath-taking view over the city of diamonds. 'For the moment, I will stay in Antwerp, but I can never really say for sure', she says with a smile.

Moez Achour | Generation Next | CarréCouture

What do you look for when you are shooting street style? That's a hard question. For example, last season, I just saw this amazing Craig Green & Moncler collaboration which was a huge surprise to me. I couldn't get over it. I was shooting this girl for 30 minutes.

New York Fashion Week Street Style

Does there need to be sunshine to take out your favourite eyewear? Worn during the winter and summer, the ultimate accessory surely is a pair of sunglasses to add dimension to your look. During New York Fashion Week, the fashion crowd was seen wearing different styles, shapes and hues.

Midi Fever | The Mood | CarréCouture

When it comes to the midi skirt, there are no rules. Even if, in the Sixties, women fought for their right to wear a mini version, it is equally your right to embrace the mid-length skirt today. A-shaped or pencil, monochrome or splashing colours, pleated or embroidered with sequins, any style goes.

London Fashion Week

Whether it is a slingback, an over-the-knee boot or a kitten heel, the shoe style that was to be seen all over London was a pointed one. This footwear is elegant yet, paired with different types of clothing, also a true statement.

HTW AW Accessories | Features | CarréCouture

During the presentations of the autumn collections, several alluring bags saw the light of day. This accessory might just be the most accessible to touch up your ensemble in an original and astonishing manner and get you ahead of next season. To accompany you on your summer strolls around the city, embrace a shoulder bag from the new collections.


Probably one of the most powerful statements was made by Off-White with a tonal, checkered cropped jacket, knee-length skirt with an alluring split and over-the-knee boots worn by Bella Hadid. Designer Virgil Abloh baptised his collection 'Nothing New', stating the impossibility to genuinely create a new piece of clothing.

Packing for Copenhagen

From beautifully coloured houses to exhilarating design museums and savoury Nordic dishes, Copenhagen is the perfect destination for a refreshing city trip. Start packing now.

Now and Forever Denim

For the first time designed somewhat 140 years ago by Davis with fabrics from Levi Strauss, the jeans trousers have taken up a grand part of the contemporary feminine wardrobe. While thriving as a centrepiece in the 90's, denim is reinstalling its power of versatility and wearability without depriving elegance and modernity.