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Moonshine Ink
All You Need is Love

Tahoe City Love Affair: Love is in the air as Brendan Madigan and Christin Hanna enjoy wine at Wolfdale’s in Tahoe City, where they had their first date in 2009. Both successful business owners in Tahoe City, the lovebirds met while members of the Tahoe City Downtown Association Board six years ago. Photo by Jeremy Jensen/Moonshine Ink

Moonshine Ink
Flying High with the Eagles

Tom Meadows has been a volunteer pilot with the Young Eagles for 17 years. Over that time he has taken more than 1,000 children up in the air

Moonshine Ink
Arthur the Ecuadorian Adventure Dog

Arthur is now in Sweden under a 120-day quarantine, where he is also undergoing medical care while waiting to go to his new home. Photo by Krister Göransson

Historic Firewall in Truckee Crumbles from Latest Storm

Behind the Truckee Hotel and Carmel Gallery in Truckee sits a firewall that splits the property line. It is believed the Chinese erected this wall near the turn of the century to protect the houses on Church Street from fires that often would burn in downtown.

Moonshine Ink
A Waldorf School for Truckee

Bonnie River stands with Cedar Sage students Taj Mandy (left) and Orland Hess (right). River hopes to eventually expand the school up to third grade as a public Waldorf school. Photo by Emily Dettling/Moonshine Ink

Fourth of July Concert Pays Tribute to Fallen Hero

Billy Ray Cyrus, the country singer best known for his 1992 hit song Achy Breaky Heart (video below) and for being the father of controversial pop star Miley Cyrus, will perform a Fourth of July weekend benefit concert for veterans in Tahoe.

Moonshine Ink
The Potters Wheel Stops Spinning

Montana Montgomery, a 12-year-old Truckee resident, gets lessons in his first pottery class from Teresa Wik. Photo by Emily Dettling/Moonshine Ink

Moonshine Ink
For the Love of Books

(left) Jack Banville, Amber McPherson, and Jennifer Banville, stand next to Donner Lake’s Little Free Library. The Banvilles are the brains behind bringing this international concept to Truckee. Photo by Jeremy Jensen/Moonshine Ink

Moonshine Ink
Marijuana Gives Young Boy A New Chance On Life

Julian Gaube, 5, sufferers from cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder. He has been making great strides since starting a medical marijuana treatment plan. Photo by Emily Dettling/Moonshine Ink

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