Karen Hart

Writer, Communications Consultant

Location icon United States of America

Karen has almost twenty years of experience with a broad background in speech writing, public affairs, public relations and journalism. She has worked for Ronald Reagan, Colin Powell’s nonprofit America’s Promise, and pollster Frank Luntz. She started her own communications consultancy and began freelancing for the Washington Post, the DC Examiner and was a blogger for About.com. Karen has written speeches for Members of Congress, including U.S. House leadership and Senators, U.S. Presidential cabinet members, the Commissioner of the Southeastern Conference, NFL coaches, and CEOs. Over the past ten years, Karen has built a grassroots public relations and public affairs campaign for the Sesame Street USO Experience for Military Families. The results include reaching over 500,000 military troops and their families, the placement of a Sesame Street PSA on the final season of Oprah and a kick-off that included First Lady Michelle Obama, Mrs. Jill Biden, and Nick Jonas. Additionally, Karen has served as an advisor for the Strategic Advisory Committee to the Arlington Catholic Herald.

Counting Critters in Rock Creek Park

Just what lurks in the wilds of Rock Creek Park? Help 75 to 100 scientists find out at BioBlitz, a 24-hour species inventory that provides a snapshot of the health and biodiversity of the park, what's living there and how organisms interact.

Childhood Cancer Through the Lens of A Photographer

Childhood Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease among children. It is a heartless disease, and to add insult to injury, it is an expensive disease. Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation photographer Jodi Crandell has had the privilege of capturing many moments with her lens, including beautiful and powerful images of families who are battling pediatric cancer.

Washington Examiner
Are Catholic universities and colleges still Catholic?

KEY DATA: Less than one-third of the 174 Catholic colleges founded during the same century as Georgetown survive today, largely due to social changes. There have been heated discussions recently at Boston College and Georgetown University about whether to remove crucifixes from classroom walls. Attending Mass isn't required at Fordham University.

A Dash of Primary Color on New Hampshire Avenue

WHERE: New Hampshire Avenue. WHY: An ale-ing castle, a Buddhist temple and DIY doughnuts. HOW FAR: About 18 miles. The road to last week's New Hampshire primary was filled with twists, turns and a few surprises -- much like our own New Hampshire Avenue.