Karen Curtis

Freelance Writer & Journalist

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I have always loved music, art, drawing, writing, and all forms of expression. Here is a collection of some of the projects I have worked on that have helped me to cultivate my passions into my life. I hope to be able to continue to build this portfolio and to grow professionally doing the things that I love.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in mass communication and journalism, with experience conducting interviews, publishing write ups, and reviews, working on movie and reality TV sets, and producing video. I worked and met some of the best people in the arts and media industry, working on local television sets, a movie set, directed by Hollywood director, Malcolm D. Lee. My passion and hard work also allowed me to publish for The Examiner as a metal music freelance journalist, where I was able to meet and interview some of the best in the business, Chris Barnes - (Six Feet Under/Cannibal Corpse), Richard Patrick - (Filter/NIN), Derrick Green - (Sepultura/Outface), Mark Hunter - (Chimaira), and Don Foose - (Foose/The Spudmonsters/Run Devil Run).

I am very proud of my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio and do my best to shine a positive spotlight on it by being a supportive advocate of the sports teams, Cleveland Browns, Indians, Cavs, and the Lake Erie Monsters, as well as, the unsurpassed musical talents that exist and have originated from this amazing city!

I hope to find a positive and creative outlet that combines my passion of writing and music to begin a fulfilling career. I would love to have the opportunity to write a biography and publish novels.


Film Production

Metal Music Freelance Journalist

Respecting the forefathers of metal

I have noticed a growing number of younger bands that have no idea who some of the metal greats are or do not consider them greats. Maybe metal is not your favorite genre and maybe you were not born when "," came out on vinyl, but regardless of the reasons, metal has come a long way prior to your rockstar fantasy.

Predatory metal lending, are you a victim?

Let's face it, with times like these the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Pockets are lined with the scum of broken promises, greed, deceit, and your everyday random exploitation of good people. This practice seems to be so accepted, it is practically routine.

Academic work

Cleveland PRIDE - June 28, 2014 | Cleveland Pride prepares for the arrival of our youngest...

Cleveland Pride Festival has been a joyous occasion, welcoming all orientations and celebrating diversity and unity within our city. For 24 years, Cleveland Pride has consistently organized this event, and surpassed attendance each year with the help of a strong team of sponsors, vendors, parade marchers, organizers, and volunteers dedicated to making ...each year even better than the last!

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