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When you grow up on a sugar beet farm in North Dakota, you have a lot of time to make up stories. I've been writing since I was a kid, and the worlds that swirled in my head then still swirl today. I'm obsessed with beauty, personal style, fragrance, Britney Spears, reading and why people choose the products they do. The first person I interviewed was Steven Tyler (I was 13), and I haven't slowed down since.

I can't wait to meet you.

Aveda x FIT: Innovation in Sustainability

My team at Aveda participated in FIT's Innovation in Sustainability conference in New York, and I came up with the key tagline, Plant Beauty in the World. I served as the main copyeditor for the project, making sure every piece of copy that went out reflected our values and voice.

Teen Vogue
Gucci, Chanel, and Prada Are Joining Forces to Help Reduce the Fashion Industry's Impact on Our...

The fashion industry has a problem: a sustainability problem. According to UN Environment, it's the second-largest consumer of water and generates " more greenhouse gas emissions than all international flights and maritime shipping combined." The industry is also notorious for producing waste; the Ellen MacArthur Foundation reports that approximately "one garbage truck of textiles is wasted every minute."

Teen Vogue
15 of Missy Elliott's Most Iconic Looks Of All Time

Missy Elliot is the definition of icon. Since her electrifying debut on the music scene in the mid-'90s she's been an absolute force: a creative genius, a rap icon, an incredibly talented producer, and a bonafide style star. Who could forget those trash bag pantsuits and those head-to-toe Adidas 'fits?

The Definitive Ranking of Every Britney Spears Perfume

B released this "Intimate" flanker alongside her eponymous lingerie line in 2015. I put it on for my boyfriend to test its name. "Smells like cotton candy," he said, sniffing my neck. "Does it give you an intimate fantasy?" I asked. "No."

Minnesota Monthly
Destination: Stillwater | Minnesota Monthly

Stillwater River Boats cruise the St. Croix photo by kelly brenner Stillwater is only about 30 miles from the Twin Cities, but it feels like another world-your own personal Mayberry. This little town on the edge of the water is also the perfect jaunt for a fun- and food-loving group of friends.

Star Tribune
I'm from Climax, Minnesota, and I'm sick of your dumb jokes

"So, where are you from?" Someone asks me at a party, a work function or another social occasion where people are mingling and playing 20 Questions. "I'm from Climax, Minnesota. It's this really teeny town near Grand Forks ..." I am generally interrupted by laughter before I can finish my sentence.

Star Tribune
Stylepoints: My name is Kara, and I'm high-maintenance

OK, OK, I admit it. I'm high-maintenance. I may look like your average Minnesota blonde in cutoffs and a sweater, with tousled hair and tan legs, but you know what? It's not exactly an organic "I woke up like this" situation. I fought it for a long time.

Star Tribune
These Twin Cities women turned love of thrift shopping into a career

There's a certain magic in visiting your favorite thrift store - the thrill of the hunt and the joy of discovery can become an obsession. For some, what started as a hobby becomes a career. That's what happened to Tandem Vintage owner Amanda Baumann, who quit her job to pursue her passion two years ago.

Star Tribune
Why I love buying vintage from my fashionable Minnesota forebears

I probably shouldn't have bought it. At this point, "I probably shouldn't have bought it" should be etched on my gravestone. My weakness for beautiful clothing, particularly vintage, isn't exactly a secret. Please, never look at my Etsy account. But I really, really wanted it.

Teen Vogue
16 Shady References You DEFINITELY Missed in Taylor Swift's New Music Video

Taylor Swift premiered her much-talked about videofor her latest single, "Look What You Made Me Do," at the MTV VMAs on August 27th, and it was ... something. While we haven't exactly figured out exactly what we (or Kim, or Katy, or Kanye) made Taylor do, we do know that the video was rife with references to Tay's past, from the mountain of former Taylors to the snakes slithering around her.

Star Tribune
The d-bag affliction

douchebag -- n. /dush*bag/ 1. (vulgar slang) A man who becomes a spectacle of bad taste and/or behavior in order to attract women Don't look now, but a disturbing class of male has infiltrated the bars and nightclubs of Minneapolis. They stalk the sidewalks of Uptown and downtown, bedecked and bedazzled in $60 T-shirts and $200 jeans.

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