Kanika Punwani

Writer, Editor, Proofreader

I am a creative writer with almost ten years of editorial experience and two years of faculty experience at the university level. A global citizen and avid traveller, I have worked with companies and institutions across the US and India. My skills include editing across various disciplines; writing for the lifestyle, luxury, popular culture and travel sectors; line- and copy editing; and teaching collegiate English composition and rhetoric.


Reviews -- Movies, Books, Media

Insignia - The UTV World Movies Magazine
Dirty Dancing (Movie Review -- Waltz With Bashir) / Prisoner of War (Director Profile -- Ari Folman)

A pack of rabid dogs rushes forth, their mouths frothy with saliva. A dead horse stares vacantly ahead, its face swarming with flies. Buckets of blood nonchalantly thrown out of a van splash red on an otherwise muted palette. A stubbled soldier floats in a placid ocean, his face illuminated by flares that burst through the night sky. A man spins in an insane waltz amidst enemy fire. His partner? A trusted machine gun. Kanika Punwani writes on her psychedelic waltz with Bashir.


JetWings Domestic
Turning the Tide

Sea odysseys have long been associated with treasure islands, uncharted territories and some memorable maritime disasters. A look back at some epic--and some not so well-known--voyages in history.

JetWings International
All in the 'hood (Boston)

A look at some of Boston's numerous neighbourhoods offers a glimpse into the many faces of this city.

JetWings International
Old Spice (Off the Beaten Path: Dubai)

Dubai may bring to mind the Burj Khalifa. shopping festivals and malls, but there's more to this city than meets the eye.

Imperia -- HDFC Bank's Luxury/Lifestyle Magazine
Cruise Control

Example of a raw travel article submitted from my end before editorial revisions

Lifestyle, Luxury & Culture

Imperia -- HDFC Bank's Luxury/Lifestyle Magazine
Luxe Living -- Tee Time

A look at the rise in popularity of golf in India and what attracts people to the sport.

JetWings Domestic (Design Issue)
For Your Viewing Pleasure

Body art, graffiti, architecture and more; here's a rundown on coffee table books that focus on the graphic and visual languages of art and design.

Imperia -- HDFC Bank's Luxury/Lifestyle Magazine
At Your Service

For those who enjoy the good life but don’t have the time to handle the logistics of luxury, help is just a phone call away in the form of the many concierge services popping up across the country.

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