Kala Barba-Court

Freelance Writer & Photographer based in Shanghai, China


Freelance writer and photographer currently based in Shanghai, China.
I'm the editor of PlainMagazine.com and a writer for Shopikon.com (Paris), Fubiz.net and other online publications.
I write about architecture, art, culture, lifestyle, travel, music, food and expat-related topics.
Email me at kala.court (at) gmail (dot) com

You Needn't Be a Comic Book Nerd to Appreciate 'Drawing Shanghai'

Update March 10th: Due to the recent Covid outbreak in Shanghai museums including this exbibition are currently closed until further notice. Ah, comic books. There was a time when admitting that you were an avid, nay, obsessive comic book collector would immediately sound the Nerd Alert. But times have changed.

Sharpen Your Five Senses in Paris

Paris is a city for the senses — beautiful sights, interesting textures, a humdrum of sounds, varied fragrances, and the promise of gourmet food when turning every corner. But when you’re surrounded by so much to discover, it can sometimes be difficult to focus on just one experience. Here, then, is a little guide to indulging your sense of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste to a feast in a way only Paris can offer.

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Guerilla Art Installations at a grocery store near you - PLAIN Magazine

Art is everywhere, and as far as Michigan artist and photographer Carson Davis Brown is concerned, not even the Walmarts or Targets of the world are exempt from this rule. Brown uses the warehouse-like discount chain stores as his gallery in his installation art series Mass, where he artfully arranges grocery store products into monochromatic ...

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Discover The Strangest Shops In Paris - PLAIN Magazine

Curiouser and curiouser! So goes the famous phrase from Alice in Wonderland, as she descends into a world that becomes increasingly stranger by the second. Paris, too, has a collection of odd establishments that are worlds away from your usual fare of pop-up shops and concept stores.

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10 Of The Coolest Product Packaging Designs - PLAIN Magazine

Are you guilty of judging a book by its cover? Join the club! In this day and age, the way a product looks is equally as important as the product itself. Packaging is - and always will be - a huge part of the interaction between designer and consumer, and we want something that will ...

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Les Frigos: An Artist Squat in Paris' 13th Arrondissement

Surrounded by shiny new blocks of office buildings, a huge medieval-looking graffiti-covered warehouse stands proudly whilst sticking out like a sore thumb. This is Les Frigos, a city-owned building-turned-artists'-squat in the 13th arrondissement not far from the Seine. Every spring, the annual Portes Ouvertes (open doors) weekend grants walk-in visitors a chance to visit the 90-or-so ateliers within its walls.

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Brasserie de la Goutte d'Or: Paris's new craft beer brewery

In Paris, each arrondissement carries their own identity, and its inhabitants are proud of it. Sure, it sometimes borders on clichés (the 16th arrondissement is bourgeois, the 11th is bohemian, the 13th is Chinatown), but no one can deny that Parisian districts have their own vibe, sights and sounds.

Les Faceties d'Armando Romero exhibtion review

The sky covering Paris is an endless dull grey, as if colour has been sucked out of the city. But peering through the windows of the Inception Gallery in the Marais is enough to give you that boost of colour you need, thanks to Mexican artist Armando Romero's latest exhibition "Les Faceties d'Armando Romero ".