Kalpesh Odedra

Content writer; technical writer; freelance digital marketer;


A recent business graduate and looking to pursue a career in freelance writing and digital marketing, Kalpesh comes to the freelancer community to begin a new part of his life.

A fitness enthusiast and a binge watcher, he excels at presenting complex task in a simple and comprehensive manner.

Winner of multiple business plan competitions and management competitions has helped him understand and identify the minutiae of successful content.

I like to binge movies, tv shows, anime, manga, books ; you name it and I can binge it.
I would like to bring the same passion towards my freelance career.

How peer pressure turned Kalpesh into a reader

Coming from a small town, studying in a state-board school and choosing the science stream for my high-school life (yep, checking all the boxes for an engineering career), I was told that I was supposed to be reading every day. And read I did. I read my textbooks, every single day.

How not to die in a world full of killers.

Let's face it; this world is full of sharks and tigers and whatever the hell else animal metaphors you can think of. Everywhere you go there are killers lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce on you as a rabid dog jumps on raw meat. I know, horrifying isn't it?

Age of information and the ignorance that comes with it.

How does it feel like to be a part of the most misinformed generation in the history of humanity? With the advent of smartphones and the internet, everyone believed that the time of taking things at face value was over.