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The Arts of the Treehouse - Privacy & Proximity to Nature

Experience LOVE 340 Views Branch Appeal The seductive qualities of a treehouse are hard to deny: privacy, proximity to nature while being sheltered by it, and the lovely views afforded by arboreal elevation. If you want one or have one, you're in good and famous (as well as infamous) company.

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Mind-Bending Images By Master Photoshop Artist Blur Reality & Dreams

Think for a moment about the softened melted clocks in Salvador Dali's masterpiece, "The Persistence Of Memory." The surrealism movement and the creative spirit of Dali lives on in the image-altering tools of Photoshop and the creative powerhouses who use it. They seem to channel the creative hands, mind, and brush of Dali himself.

Edible Blues: Do Your Food Choices Make You Sad?

Turns out heartbreak and anxiety aren't the only way to get the blues. It can also happen if you eat some commercially-manufactured chocolate chip cookies or drink a can of diet soda, because chances are high they're loaded with FDA-approved chemicals. Food additives commonly used in the U.S.

Low Calorie; High Risk

By Jordana Landres Have you ever found yourself in this situation? You decide to temporarily deviate from your healthy eating plan and order a hamburger deluxe with fries, onion rings, and a diet Coke, You might think to yourself: Well, with all these extra calories I'm consuming, at least the soda won't add any.

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Walnuts: Slowing Breast Cancer, Fighting Fat and More. A True Superfood.

More than being simply tasty and filling, walnuts offer an incredible number of advantages for our health. These include heart-protective benefits, preventing the development of diabetes, being high in protein and fiber, and helping to keep our bones strong. Studies have shown they may even assist in offsetting the inflammatory effect caused by eating a meal high in fat.