Jordana Landres

Cyberattack Pushback: NanoVMs Designing Defensively to Counter Threats

Data that exists is data that's vulnerable. In 2021, relying on outdated technology to handle new and often extreme cybersecurity threats in a shifting landscape isn't a comprehensive or viable strategy. With relentless and mounting cyberattacks part of daily reality, cutting-edge protection against them has never been needed more to maintain infrastructure safety, privacy, and maintain functioning supply chains.

Queens Chronicle
Finding a window into the emotions of history

Chronicling over 40 years of social change in NYC, the Deep South and around the country, renowned photographer Bruce Davidson's photos have one powerful constant: the visceral emotion radiating from his subjects. It was often so intense it not only paralleled but could even transcend the historical events inducing it.

Old Liquors Magazine
The Arts of the Treehouse - Privacy & Proximity to Nature

30.6k Views Branch Appeal The seductive qualities of a treehouse are hard to deny: privacy, proximity to nature while being sheltered by it, and the lovely views afforded by arboreal elevation. If you want one or have one, you're in good and famous (as well as infamous) company.

Queens Chronicle
Folk art exhibit touches a deep emotional chord

The poet Kahlil Gibran said "Work is love made visible." The quote seems to apply perfectly to "A Piece of Yourself: Gift Giving in Self-Taught Art," the exhibit now showing at the American Folk Art Museum's Self-Taught Genius Gallery in Long Island City.