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J. Winfield


I'm a copywriter and media personality from Los Angeles, CA. I began my professional writing career as a freelance creative writer. I am credited in independently produced scripts, as well as technical copy for the aesthetics industry and real estate. I am familiar with CMS (content management systems) and managing the back end of websites, as I do this regularly for many clients. With my experience in SEO and writing, I can write strong content for marketing, as well as provide copy editing services.

I co-host, edit and perform content management duties (including social media marketing) for Gorefriends podcast. Gorefriends cover events and films pertaining to horror, with relaxed and comical conversation; sometimes with special guests.

Flicks Picks N' Comics
The Umbrella Academy

An article about The Umbrella Academy;a nostalgic superhero comic with a Netflix series in the works.

Flicks Picks N' Comics
Altered Carbon

My review for the first three episodes of Netflx's Altered Carbon.

Primary Aesthetics Skin Care
O-Shot | Primary Aesthetics Skin Care | Bedford, NY

Here at Primary Aesthetics, we are dedicated to always bringing our patients the latest and greatest in cutting edge treatments. That is why we are proud to now offer the O-Shot at our clinic in Bedford! As we age, some find that they lack the libido or desire that they once had, or have difficulty becoming aroused or reaching orgasm during intercourse.

Primary Aesthetics Skin Care
Male Enhancement Bedford - Primary Aesthetics Skin Care

Keep the fire and romance going with Primary Aesthetic Skin Care's male enhancement treatments! Patients report feeling rejuvenated, with symptoms of increased libido, increase in size and girth, as well as firmness and duration of erection. Male enhancement treatments can be the solution to a plethora of conditions that you may be experiencing.

Primary Aesthetics Skin Care
Spring Beauty! - Primary Aesthetics Skin Care

It's officially Spring! That means it's time to stop hiding behind scarves and hoodies, no matter how stylish they are. Now it's time to pull your hair back, feel the fresh air and get ready for summer! Last year you said you would have a summer body, but how will you achieve it?

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