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Justin R. Lilly

Narrative Director / Writer

Location icon United States

[email protected]

Savvy wordsmith with Comic Book, Game Design and Fortune 100 marketing experience seeking established franchise to help elevate the art.

Comic, video game, television or movie- if it speaks to human emotion with words, I want it to sing. If it tugs heartstrings, I want it to pull. I truly desire nothing more than to live my life for amazing stories that inspire and entertain.

I am currently working with an amazing arts and literacy charity called SuperHeroScool. Bringing the power of publication to kids this last year has been the most rewarding part of my professional life.


Script Samples

Room 8 Productions
St. Josephs Switch

The opening sequences of St. Josephs Switch joins the unlikely survivor of a violent criminal gang with a modernist power couple traversing 1900's Arizona.


Original Comic book series written for SUPERHEROSCOOL, a national arts and literacy charity helping kids and creators grow and get published.

Narrative Design

DragonWing Games
Drop Zones: Tears of Tum-Bak-Taran (PFRPG)

Written by Justin R. Lilly Genre: Fantasy System: Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Appropriate Level: Adjustable for any number of adventurers from 1st to 20th level although low to mid-levels tend to work better. Background: The Taraza Flower- a special and unique herb that grows deep in the jungle, near the village of Tum-Bak-Taran.

Character Development Worksheet

Questionnaire and Evaluation Rubric for creating new characters, designed by Justin R. Lilly from comic book character workshopping process.

Short Story

Short Story Contest

A Short Story featuring LGBTQ+ issues in fantasy.

Academic Writing

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