Justine Koh

Freelance writer.

Location icon Singapore

I like writing and getting to know people. I have professional writing experience in the areas of health, beauty, lifestyle and entertainment. When I'm not writing, I spend my time watching TV shows and cooing over my beloved OTPs (that's One True Pairings for the uninitiated).


Online work

The UrbanWire
Greyson Chance – Boy Wonder

UrbanWire meets Greyson Chance, who was in town to promote his debut album "Hold On 'til the Night", to get a handle on who Ellen DeGeneres' first recording star really is.


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Sexy, free and single men

Why would the lads of Super Junior make great boyfriends? Justine Koh finds out their top qualities.

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World domination

As BIGBANG embarks on their first-ever world tour, Justine Koh lays out the A-Zs about them while we eagerly await their descend this September.

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K-pop: Decoded!

Don't worry if you're a rookie, Justine Koh puts together a comprehensive glossary of all the must-know terms.

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Rise of the rookies

A new wave of boy bands has surged through the K-pop landscape.

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Rebecca gets real

Singapore's rising starlet tells Justine Koh all about her awkward teens and how she stays lean on screen – and off.

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Denture-proof yourself

Brush up on these dental techniques and you'll be flashing perfect pearlies even at age 80.

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Your DIY home spa guide

Set up your own top-to-toe pampering session with your BFF right in your own home!