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Justin Allen


Location icon United States

Introduction for an Artistic Project

An introductory bio to a music project I started. I focused on a thoughtful concept instead of explanation of genre, so I chose a poetical style over a practical one.

Professional Art Proposal

A proposal for a performance art piece. The goal was to quickly and practically relay a large, artistic concept without using an overly philosophical or detached tone.

Anthousai Florals

A short website intro for the local business Anthousai Florals. My goal was to be cheery and easy-going without losing a sense of artistic seriousness.

Common Artistry
Writing Prompts for a Workshop

Writing prompts I created for a Common Artistry workshop. The goal was to grant attendees a new doorway into their own identities, so I chose an accessible but elevated style.

Cottage Hill
Introductory Blog Post for an Event Planner

An intro for Common Artistry, italic words mine. My goal was to communicate a grounded artistic identity with a clean style bordering on elegant without sounding elite.