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Paris for Book Lovers

For lovers of literature, Paris is the ultimate destination. This wonderful city, famous for its architecture, art, culture and cuisine, has been the muse of so many of our literary icons and the inspirational setting for countless works of fact and fiction.

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Visiting Vienna With Children

While those with young families may think a city like Vienna doesn't have much to offer in terms of child-friendly attractions and activities, in fact, this lovely city is actually a wonderful destination for youngsters. And, with a little research, it doesn't have to blow out the hard-earned holiday budget.

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Immerse in the Romance of Valencia

If you're looking for a romantic break that's a little more "off the radar" (because you've done Paris, Venice and Budapest, right?), the gorgeous Spanish port city of Valencia is one of the most laidback and, yes, romantic destinations in Europe.

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Alps Après Ski at its Best in Saalbach

Time for a winter ski break? Well, just like Santa, you know the best way to make sure the resort you're considering lives up to its promises is to make a list and check it twice. And, if you've chosen Saalbach in Austria, it's not going to take you long to work through the list.

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Awesome Après Action in Val d'Isère

Ok. You know it: Val d'Isère is one of the most awesome resorts in the Alps if you're planning on heading to Europe for a winter ski break. But the great range of on and off piste skiing across the hugely varied terrain of the Tarantaise Valley at your toe tips is just the beginning of the fun.

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Race Against the Best at Verbier High Five

Looking for your next big thrill? You know you are! Well, if you're a pretty hot skier and you reckon that when it comes to world champs, there but for the cruel hand of fate goes you, here's your chance to make it happen!

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Waves, Walks and Rich History in Fuengirola

When the days are short and the temperatures plummet it's not hard for thoughts to stray to the idea of chasing some winter sun in Fuengirola, on the Costa del Sol. But while the resort is justifiably famous for its fabulous beaches, wonderful weather and laidback ambience, you might be forgiven for thinking you'd have to sacrifice substance for sun if you're considering a longer break.

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The Perfect Proposal Destination: Romance in Marbella

For those planning a destination proposal, finding that special somewhere to surprise your special someone is a pretty important decision. Where would you find a place with just the right romantic ambience, plenty of sunshine, lots of things to see and do and won't cost you the earth to get to?

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Winter Fiesta Fun in Calpe

Here's a choice for you. Behind door number one is another week of interminable UK winter weather, with snow, sleet and commuter chaos, aka "situation normal". Behind door number two is a week's holiday chasing the winter sun in the Spanish fishing village of Calpe .

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Five Great Restaurants on the Hills in Flaine

Flaine is a pretty popular choice for skiers looking for a relaxed winter break: the skiing is superb, the pedestrianised nature of the resort gives it a very laidback kind of feel and, even though it's one of the quieter resorts in the Alps, it has just enough of an après scene (albeit more sedate) to keep things interesting.

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Eating Out in Classy Cortina d'Ampezzo

While there aren't many among us hardworking mortal folk who can afford to bask in the lifestyle of the rich and famous every day (unless you really are rich and famous, in which case I guess you can!), there's no harm in splashing out every now and again.

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Deep Relaxation in Los Cristianos

If you're chasing a week of winter sun, or looking for somewhere warm to spend a little longer, Los Cristianos, on the south coast of Tenerife, is one of the most popular resorts in the Canary Islands - and for very good reason.

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Diving Adventures in Costa Calma

Snowboarding in the French Alps is just a wonderful chilly memory, the skis are packed away at the back of the wardrobe, and winter sports is just another thing you watch on the telly from the other side of the world. All the signs point to just one thing: summer's here!

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Year-Round Ski Thrills on Les Deux Alpes' Glacier

There's no use crying over potentially melting snow as winter draws to a close. Do something about it and slip in summer ski action at Les Deux Alpes, which, as well as being a Mecca for freestylers with an awesome après ski scene , is also home to Europe's largest and most lofty skiable glacier.

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Terrific Tignes for Advanced Skiers

Even though the end of winter is in sight, before you stash the skis and start waxing up your surfboard, how about one more turn around the slopes for good times' sake? If you're looking to see out the season on a high note, perhaps it's time to put everything you learned this year into practice and head to Tignes in the Tarentaise Valley.

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Go Wild On and Off the Slopes in Val Thorens

If you're looking to wring the dregs out of winter with one last week of shredding the pistes in the French Alps, Val Thorens has got everything you need and more. Along with some awesome slope action, this power-packed resort has a pretty heavy après scene as well.

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Top Things to Do in Airlie Beach | City Guide - The Big Bus

There are some places in the world that are bigger than the hype, better than the photos and more captivating in person than you could ever imagine. Airlie Beach is such a place. While that might sound like quite a lot of expectations to put on the suntanned shoulders of one little beach town, relax.

The Big Bus tour and travel guide
Five Tips for Getting an Airline Upgrade - The Big Bus tour and travel guide

Airline upgrades. These days they're as rare as, well, hens' dentures. But on the off chance your flight is oversold and the planets are aligned, who knows. Julietta Henderson checks in with five tips that will definitely improve your chances... We've all got one of those annoying friends.

The Big Bus tour and travel guide
How to Do New York on a Budget | Ten Top Tips - The Big Bus

Parity between the US and Aussie dollars now seems like a distant dream and travellers to New York are once again faced with the reality that there are few places on earth that can evaporate your holiday budget faster. But don't despair!

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Cairns Rainforest tours | Book online - The Big Bus tour and travel guide

Runs: Daily Departure point: Hotel pick-up (Cairns, Port Douglas, Northern Beaches) Departure t ime: From 12.30pm Duration: 8.5 hours Send us a booking enquiry Today I'll see a rare Australian mammal, eat schnitzel in a Swiss-Italian chalet, run around a cow paddock whisper-shouting 'bubbles!'

Travel Writing

The Big Bus tour and travel guide
Top things to see and do in Florence - The Big Bus tour and travel guide

Florence is without doubt one of the world's most glorious cities. Seriously. Julietta Henderson has been soaking up la dolce vita with an extended stay in the Tuscan capital and she checks in with this Big Five City Guide to history, culture, food, shopping and relaxation highlights...

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Ten tips for starting out as a Travel Writer - The Big Bus tour and travel guide

If you want to be a travel writer the good news is there's nothing stopping you. You travel and you can write, right? However, if you want to make money as a travel writer (and not be eating cat food and still living with your parents at 45) it's going to take a little more effort.

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Budget travel to London - The Big Bus tour and travel guide

Aussies travelling to London have always found it reasonably tricky to balance their holiday budgets against the pound. But with the recent toppling of the AUD, times are tougher than ever! But don't despair. Julietta Henderson shares her top tips on ways to enjoy the capital that won't break the bank...

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One Day in Barcelona - A Tasty Slice of Culture

If you've got a stopover in Barcelona on your cruise itinerary, you may be wondering how you're going to do it justice in the space of just 24 hours. Surely it's impossible to get a true sense of this culturally vibrant city in such a short time?

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Capital Stopover - 24 Hours in London.

As one of the most populated and cosmopolitan cities in the world, it seems all roads really do lead to London (well, a lot of them anyhow!). While many travellers have the luxury of time to soak up the city's wealth of arts, culture and history, I've come across quite a few people who've found themselves there on just a brief overnight stopover.

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Downhill and Dirty - Serious Mountain Biking in Canazei.

As part of the Val di Fassa region of the Dolomites, the village of Canazei has some fairly impressive credentials when it comes to skiing. But in summer, the picturesque mountains and valleys around the village transform into an exciting network of mountain biking trails.

The Big Bus tour and travel guide
Top things to see and do in Venice - The Big Bus tour and travel guide

There's nowhere on earth quite like Venice. The Italian waterworld is an extraordinary engineering masterpiece (most of it sits atop wooden stilts across 100 marshy islands) that has largely stood the test of time. It's also possibly the most romantic spot in the world.

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Making the Most of the Cannes Film Festival.

Lights, camera, action! If you and your girl friends are heading to the 2016 Cannes Film Festival (May 11 th-22 nd), you're in for one of the most star-studded events on the European cultural calendar. While you could just show up, frock up and hope for the best, a few simple tips will help you make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Family Hiking in the Coma Pedrosa Natural Park, La Massana.

If you're looking for something a little different to the usual two weeks in Marbella next summer (although there's nothing wrong with that!), and an excuse to get the entire family off technology and into the great outdoors, Andorra is an excellent option.

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Explore the Highlights of Istanbul in 3 Days.

Exotic, energetic and always exciting: a visit to Istanbul rates as one of the most extraordinary travel experiences in the world. While you could spend weeks exploring this ancient capital, realistically you probably won't have that long, especially if you're visiting other parts of Turkey.

The Big Bus tour and travel guide
Top things to see and do in Cairns - The Big Bus tour and travel guide

There's been lots of lively local debate over the years about which city in North Queensland can rightfully claim the title of regional capital. Cairns is certainly a contender. With stunning reef and rainforest right on its doorstep, the city is perfectly positioned as a tourist hotspot and great restaurants, nightlife and attractions abound.

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A Day in Nerja for the Off the Beaten Track Traveller.

Spain's sun-soaked Costa del Sol is a hugely popular tourist area, but for those who like to get a little deeper into local culture and history than with the usual sun, sea and sand holiday, there's plenty to discover if you head just slightly off the beaten track.

The Big Bus tour and travel guide
Top things to see and do in Port Douglas - The Big Bus tour and travel guide

Port Douglas in Far North Queensland has long been one of Australia's top holiday destinations. But despite the popularity, 'Port' has managed to maintain its laid-back beachside charm and chic. Julietta Henderson checks in with a Big Five City Guide of culture, food, history, shopping and most importantly relaxation highlights...

Travel Guide by Shuttle Direct
Julietta Henderson, Autor en Travel Guide by Shuttle Direct

Julietta Henderson, Senior Editor and head of the writing team at LeadGeneratorsDigital, has over 20 years' experience writing for the travel, tourism and photography industries. She has travelled extensively in New Zealand, Russia, North America, Canada, Britain, Ireland, Europe and Egypt, and has 'lived like a local' in Italy, France, the UK, and Australia.

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Sierra Nevada - Skiing the Sunny Spine of Andalucía.

With a name that literally translates to "snowy range" it's no surprise that Sierra Nevada, in Andalucía, is renowned for its abundant high altitude snowfall. What's more interesting is that its location makes it one of the most southerly places in Europe you can ski.

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Touch the Sky in Pas de la Casa - Party Town!.

As one of the highest ski resorts in Europe, Pas de la Casa is also one of its most lively and popular. It's earned its reputation as a vibrant, great value destination with a long season and excellent high-altitude ski opportunities, and a major part of its charm also lies in its very distinctive French ambience.

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Experience Amazing Amsterdam On a 24-Hour Cruise Stopover

While Amsterdam is a city brimming with art, culture, history and cuisine, its compact centre and ease of getting around makes it perfect for a short visit. As a popular stopover for cruises, it is accustomed to welcoming guests with limited time.

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Four Unique Attractions to Visit in Milan.

The Gothic inspired skyline of Milan is synonymous with industry, fashion and the Italian Stock Exchange. But along with the more modern trappings of technology, wealth and power, the city is also awash with an underlying vein of art, history and culture.

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Say Olé to One Day in Barcelona.

One day is never enough to spend in a city as creative and culturally rich as Barcelona , but when you're trying to squeeze in as much as possible on a Spanish sojourn, one day might be all the time you have.

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Hintertux - Ice Palaces and Royal Fleas.

Fancy some late season skiing? How about some early season winter sports? The stunning Hintertux Glacier, in the Austrian Tirol, allows you to do both - in fact, you can ski all year round!

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A Serious Ski Weekend in Cortina d'Ampezzo.

Renowned as one of the most glamorous destinations in the Italian Dolomites, Cortina d'Ampezzo is not just a pretty face. While the spectacular mountain scenery and sophisticated village centre are certainly part of its charm, its extensive ski area and diverse slopes puts it front and centre for a 'serious' ski weekend.

Living La Solo Dolce Vita - Florence for the Solo Woman

By Julietta Henderson There's something so incongruous about sitting alone in a café with the sounds of Abba on high rotation and the world's most important Renaissance city going about its business all around you. But as a solo woman traveller, there's just something so right about it, too.

Travel Guide by Shuttle Direct
Julietta Henderson, Autor en Travel Guide by Shuttle Direct

If you're living with reduced mobility, whether you're an elite sportsperson or an amateur with a passion for adventure, when travelling by plane you'll need to contend with the logistics of transporting your sporting wheelchair - and perhaps even more...

The Big Bus tour and travel guide
Top things to see and do in London - The Big Bus tour and travel guide

Ah, London. The world's most amazing city just gets better with age. Culture, history and shopping opportunities abound, while even the much-maligned culinary scene in the capital over the years is now rewriting the rule book. It's no mean feat to squeeze this town into one of our Big Five City Guides, but Julietta Henderson has given it a seriously good go.

The Big Bus tour and travel guide
Review: Mamu Tropical Skywalk - The Big Bus tour and travel guide

North Queensland offers access to some of Australia's most spectacular natural assets, not least of all the Wet Tropics stretching all the way from Townsville up to Cooktown. Julietta Henderson gets up close and personal with the rainforest at the Mamu Tropical Skywalk...

Travel Guide by Shuttle Direct
Santa Coloma - Beauty and History Collide.

Nestled into the valley floor close to the southern border of Andorra and Spain, the unassuming resort town of Santa Coloma is not only a gateway to the extensive Vallenord ski area, it's also home to an important part of Andorra's religious and cultural history.

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