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Lead feature writer and as-needed publication editor for home|design of The Charlotte Observer and Raleigh's News & Observer in the US. Highly skilled in writing across multiple platforms ranging from print to online and broadcast journalism. Keen attention to detail and excellent proofreading and subediting skills. Expert in client liaison and interviewing.

Founder of health and wellness blog PBandjulie.com. Certified plant-based food chef. Skilled in food styling, recipe development and photography. Ebook author.

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4 Charlotte real estate trends to watch in 2018

The summer sun isn't the only thing heating up the Queen City - the real estate market is absolutely sizzling. Home prices are up, home sales are up and the job market is strong. And to top it off, a recent study by PwC and the Urban Land Institute recently ranked Charlotte as a top 10 real estate market to watch in the country.

Pure Barre
Eye Candy Rainbow Wrap - Pure Barre

Do you need an easier way to eat your veggies? One that is so easy, you won't even realize you're eating more veggies and can be incorporated seamlessly into breakfast, lunch and dinner? We've got one word for you: wraps. Everything tastes better in a wrap!

The LTB Report... Faith, Love & Clean Juice with Kat Eckles.

I'm thrilled to bring you this inspiring LTB Report {so glad the first one was such a big hit!} featuring Clean Juice's Kat Eckles! If you live around the Lake Norman area and are reading this blog, chances are you've already met this tiny firecracker with a heart of gold.

Carrot Cake Zoats

Sometimes a green smoothie just won't cut it in the morning. Maybe it's too cold outside, maybe you're craving something heartier or something comforting and grounding. That's where this creamy, ooey-gooey bowl of thick and delicious oats comes in. It is perfect for when you need a nourishing breakfast that gives each of your cells a nice cozy hug good morning.

Rethink Your Comfort Foods to Beat Stress

Food isn't just food. It isn't simply a scientific blend of calories, carbs, fats and protein all tied up in a pretty little package. It's not just fuel for our body and we don't only eat when we are hungry. While some people do have the discipline to eat purely to fuel their bodies, I'm not talking about them...

Pure Barre
Glazed Meyer Lemon Blueberry Donuts - Pure Barre

It's hard to believe summer is already coming to an end. Sadly, that translates to only a couple of weeks left of berry season. Which means, I am urgently and desperately trying to get my fill of those tiny, antioxidant packed fruits before fall ushers in and pumpkin spice dominates the world market.

Pure Barre
Frozen Matcha Shake-a-Latte - Pure Barre

Achieving your health goals can sometimes feel like all work and no play. Whether you've dedicated yourself to completing the latest challenge at your favorite Pure Barre studio, or have simply {albeit, not easily} cleaned up your diet to get the best results, it's still important to "treat yo' self" without undoing all of your...

Pure Barre
Chai-Spiced Persimmon Muffins - Pure Barre

I remember the first time I went to Brick Street Cafe in Greenville, SC - a charming cafe with a brick facade and quirky interior adorned with odds and ends and antique finds. I was interning at the local news station and one of the reporters insisted she take me here for lunch because the...

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