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Julie Eckstein

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Young and Powerful: Rich Brian - Bitch, Hello! - NUDE.

Jakarta-born rapper, Rich Brian, formally known as Brian Imanuel, first charmed the internet with his viral music video for 2015 single 'Dat $tick'. His label, 88rising, produced a YouTube video where he first gets multiple stamps of approval from numerous rappers; ranging from Flatbush zombies

Research Journal
Homophobia in Hip Hop

Scholarly journal exploring the root of homophobia in the hip hop genre

Once Upon An Idealistic Hollywood

Professionally published movie review of Quentin Tarintino's "One Upon A Time In Hollywood..." Print and digital version available.

Spoon University
Growing Up in New York Taught Me to Properly Appreciate Delis

Growing up in New York, delis were always a part of my life. It wasn't until I left the tristate area that I realized that they weren't as essential to everyone's lives as they were to mine. If you're anything like me, I eat at my local deli nearly as much as I eat at home.

BuzzFeed Community
Beginner's Guide To CNCO: The Latin One Direction

CNCO is a boyband first put together on "La Banda" by Simon Cowell (just a trip down memory lane). In the past few years, CNCO has produced hit after hit that have grossed them with billions of streams, views, and a hastily growing fanbase.

Album Analysis
Yeezy Taught Me

Essay on the inspiration for the lyrics of Kanye West’s album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, as well as examine the metaphorical meanings found in the corresponding short film also released by West called Runaway. I will also additionally annotate the song ‘POWER’ and its significance to the theme of the album overall

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