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Former New Yorker who traded in her cuppa cawfee for a heaping plate of that classic Minnesotan hot dish (who am I kidding, there's definitely still gallons of coffee consumed to keep me going through these cold winters).

Strategist, copywriter, aspiring novelist, music lover, jewelry maker, DIYer, knitter - definitely not a quitter.



Main & Rose
Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Thought Leader in Your Industry? - Main & Rose

Thought leaders in today's industries are often experts in their respective fields, who are seen in the public eye consistently. Whether through public speaking, social media, op-eds, public relations, or social impact campaigns, effective thought leaders are even willing to go as far as evoking some controversy to drive public conversation.

Dallas Texas - Total IT
How Secure Are Cloud Services? | Dallas Texas - Total IT

Cloud-based storage solutions are quickly becoming a staple for enterprises and organizations everywhere. From giant corporations with multiple headquarters to budding small businesses, everyone needs a safe storage solution for their data and information. With the ever-growing popularity of cloud services, there is also an increasing amount of security concerns surrounding the cloud.


Voyager Campervans
4 campervan-friendly spring break destinations

Typical spring break crowds? You won't find them here If throngs of college kids clutching red solo cups aren't on the agenda this year, there are still plenty of other campervan-friendly spring break destinations that provide picturesque views rather than partying opportunities.

Voyager Campervans
4 campervan-friendly travel destinations to visit in 2022

With the entirety of 2022 ahead... It's about time to grab your own gear and formulate an exciting travel plan in a Voyager van. We've rounded up four fantastic (and lesser-visited) destinations across the United States so you can drum up an adventure itinerary whenever you start getting a little stir-crazy.

Voyager Campervans
6 places to see the northern lights in a campervan this winter

When You're Feeling Cooped up This Winter...Consider trekking out to catch the Northern Lights from some of the continent's top spots in a Voyager van.Easing into the throes of winter can often make it feel like opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors are few and far between.

Locally Owned St Paul CBD Company - BLNCD Naturals

When you need relaxation and release from stress or bodily aches and pains, BLNCD naturals is at your side, providing award-winning St. Paul CBD products with several healing properties. We strive to create the highest quality organic CBD products inspired by the therapeutic properties of plants.

5 Great Game Day Additions for Your Deck - ALD

In the great state of Minnesota and around the rest of the country, football game days are no joke. Vikings followers, cheese heads, and other die-hard fanatics of local and national football teams turn a simple Sunday into a boisterous and bustling tradition. Crisp fall air and the crack of an ice-cold beer are enough [...]

Spa MD
When Is the Best Time To Get Laser Hair Removal Treatment? - Spa MD

Unwanted body hair can be a big issue for both men and women, often impacting self-confidence and body positivity. On top of the adverse effects unwanted hair has on people's body image, it can also be quite annoying. Keeping up with regular shaving is a serious hassle, so naturally, there is a demand for an easier alternative.


Music In Minnesota
10 Ways to Support Local Music While Practicing Social Distancing

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, leaving only physical, social and financial strife in its wake, it is crucial for communities to rally together in support of local musicians and artists. Concerts, festivals, and shows are being canceled left and right. The light at the end of the coronavirus tunnel seems hardly visible to [...]

Music In Minnesota
Armin van Buuren puts the Armory in a state of Trance

Another legend at the Armory Trance fans of the Twin Cities rejoiced when Armin van Buuren was announced to play the Armory. The legendary artist, hailing from the Netherlands, sold out the downtown venue and brought down the house with an incredible two and a half-hour performance last night.

Music In Minnesota
ON THE RADAR: The Immaculate Beings Album Release Show

After releasing their brand new album, Mental Space , less than two week ago, The Immaculate Beings and an army of their adoring friends and fans celebrated the culmination of the band's hard work at the 7th Street Entry last night.

Music In Minnesota
The Top 10 Must See Artists at Spring Awakening Music Festival 2019

Only fifty days remain until Spring Awakening Music Festival (SAMF) makes its debut at a new location with a robust roster of electronic music producers. There are nearly one hundred artists to see over the span of the three day festival, held at Poplar Creek in Hoffman Estates, IL.

Music In Minnesota
EDC Las Vegas is the Adult Playground of Your Dreams

Shrouded in neon and strobe lights from every direction, the aptly named Electric Daisy Carnival, held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, is every 9-5 office drone's fantasy escape. Free carnival rides, huge interactive art and light installations, throbbing bass, and a whole lot of good vibes make up this absolutely insane musical festival.

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Belle Via Jewelry
CUSTOM PIECES | Belle Via Jewelry | St. Paul | Minnesota

Custom One of a Kind Pieces Start Your Piece Today The pinnacle of Belle Via Jewelry is our true vintage, one of a kind, exclusive collection of necklaces. Using antique items and heirloom jewels from around the world, we layer and modify to make a truly special piece that no one else will ever have but YOU!