Julie Aitcheson

Freelance Writer, Author, Educator

United States

Julie Aitcheson is a freelance writer, author, and educator. She currently writes for The Green Market Report, and her work has also appeared at The Fresh Toast, Green Entrepreneur, Daily Press, The Baltimore Sun, and The Chicago Tribune among other outlets. She received a full fellowship to the 2013 Stowe StoryLabs and won second place in the 2014 San Miguel Writers' Conference nonfiction writing competition. Her young adult novels include Being Roy (Finalist, 2017 Bisexual Book Awards) and First Girl, both from Harmony Ink Press. She is currently at work on a book of personal essays.

Julie lives wherever her bohemian heart takes her, and wherever she can hit the hiking trails when her muse takes a personal day. She continues to seek out unique life experiences to provide grist for the mill, including her work as a medical actress in a variety of simulation laboratories. As such, she indulges her love of the dramatic arts and her passion for health education while amassing enough writing material to sink a barge.

Hemp Market Report
Product Review: Elixinol

CBD brand Elixinol's claim of making "kind of amazing CBD products that work" is enticing without being truly hyperbolic-a claim that I recently investigated myself by sampling their "Stress Less" and "Body Comfort" capsules, as well as their "Daily Balance" tincture. Before trying the products from this Colorado-based company, I visited Elixinol's website to learn ...

Love Trumps Hat: Unmaking America Great Again

It was a joke. A gag gift. A playful salvo from one of my boyfriend's closest Coast Guard buddies, testing the waters to see if I was the kind of liberal snowflake who could take a joke rather than sizzle into helpless steam when things got a little hot.

Green Market Report
Skateboarders Carve Out A Path With CBD

Skateboarding has long been considered an "outlaw" sport on the recreational spectrum, attracting those for whom the structure and homogenous culture of organized athletics holds little appeal. Its anti-establishment origins, outlined in greater detail in this 2013 Skateboarding Magazine article, can be traced back to surfer culture, as wave riders realized there might be a [...]

The Forbidden Pleasure of Cutting Your Own Hair

I wanted it. I dreamt about it. I lusted in my heart and in my thoughts for months. I coveted, stalked the internet, and Pinterest-boarded this Spring's trendy blunt bob until the images began to blur into a mash-up of a hundred Marion Cotillards.

Dropping the "V"-Bomb: On Voluntourism and The End of Innocence

It had to happen. We were already four days deep into a two-week service learning program for teens and it was time to drop the "V"-bomb. The negative connotations of "voluntourism" plague anyone who has ever traveled to another country less economically advantaged than their own in order to render aid.

Green Market Report
LGBTQ, Cannabis Industries Shared History Shines In Pride

The shared history between cannabis and the LGBTQ+ community is long, including the landmark moment when HIV/AIDS activists pushed through medical marijuana legalization in California in 1996. There is a commonality of lived experience as well. As articulated by Laila Makled and Caroline Phillips in an April 2019 article for The Washington Blade, "Both cannabis [...]