Julie Ann Aelbrecht

Financial Journalist

Location icon United Kingdom

Graduate Trainee Reporter at Euromoney - Futures and Options World
Internationally trained financial Journalist, currently incubating at City University London.
Specialisms: video production, financial news, social issues.

Global Voices
Abortion in Chile, a Clandestine Choice ยท Global Voices

Since 1974, when the law was changed under Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship, Chile has been one of seven countries in the world that do not allow abortion under any circumstances. After democracy was re-introduced in 1990, there were several attempts to decriminalize abortion, but all of them, including a promise from president Michelle Bachelet to legalize it in case of rape or mortal danger to the woman, were unsuccessful.

European Student Think Tank
On the sense and nonsense of the ECB's extensive stress-tests

by Julie Ann Aelbrecht. Originally published on 2014/11/15 In preparation for a stronger Banking and monetary union, the European Central Bank preformed so-called "stress-tests" with its Single Supervisory Mechanism. The ECB published the results of their thorough year-long examination of the resilience and positions of the 130 largest banks in the euro area last week.

The news Hub
Oil scare close to Great Barrier Reef | Environment | The News Hub

Alerts about an oil slick off the coast of Queensland by a Fisherman on Friday morning sparked searches in the air and on water by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority on Saturday. They confirmed that small patches of oily water were seen in the waters south of Townsville.

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