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Julian Stewart

Content Strategist

Location icon United States

I’m a versatile content strategist and marketing professional with two decades of experience in the technology, entertainment, education, biotech, and telecom industries. Storytelling is one of my key strengths—I identify the interests of brand audiences and craft content that engages, enlightens, and entertains them.

Tiny Buddha
You Can't Change or Fix People, So Listen Instead - Tiny Buddha

"When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen." ~Ernest Hemingway The chances are good that at some point in your life you had to deal with a loved one who consistently frustrated you. They were caught in a destructive pattern of behavior that made life difficult for them and everyone around them.

AndCo Blog
What Makes Portland Great for Freelancers " AndCo Blog

Portland. "Rose City." "Bridgetown." "Stumptown." Many folks simply call it by the airport code: PDX. Portland's about many things-craft beer, food trucks, and a burgeoning arts scene. It's also a great place to enjoy far simpler pleasures like walkable neighborhoods and a plethora of fine local haunts that are conducive to an afternoon of productive remote work.

AndCo Blog
4 Best Practices for Reining In Your Remote Work Expenses " AndCo Blog

Many freelancers choose to work somewhere other than home. Getting out and about allows you to avoid domestic interruptions, escape isolation, and find a more inspiring environment than those same old four walls. And while a change of scenery can be a great productivity booster, the costs associated with remote work can quickly escalate.

A Coworking Space is Not Just Another Office

So you've done it. After years of working in the cube farm under coma-inducing fluorescent lights, you've finally convinced your employer to let you work from home. Or perhaps you've landed that full-time remote gig you've been craving. No more grinding commutes in rush hour traffic or colleagues tapping you on the shoulder when you've just hit your stride.

Hacker Paradise: Travel, Adventure, and Professional Growth

"Travel the world. Build cool things. Meet awesome people." That's the mission statement of Hacker Paradise, one of the original traveling communities for digital nomads. Co-founder Casey Rosengren answered our questions about his program and told us why it stands out in an increasingly crowded field of destination coworking options.

4 Ways to Unplug From Your Connected Life

Constantly connected. Eternally distracted. It's the most challenging aspect of the lifestyle we've chosen as location-independent professionals. But the benefits of stepping away from work are numerous and well documented. Perhaps you've tried to take a vacation already, and things didn't go as you intended.

Analyzing the Success of the 33 Sticks Remote Team

33 Sticks is a boutique analytics consultancy that provides data collection architecture, consumer behavior analysis, and site optimization strategies to Fortune 500 brands and innovative startups alike. Their client list includes Hallmark, Harvard Business Review, and Dollar Shave Club. Even more impressive is the fact they can deliver these high-end analytics services without stepping foot in their clients' offices.

Unsettled: Creating Community Through Local Engagement

As the popularity of international co-living and co-working programs continues to grow, a question emerges: How do these retreats impact their local communities? It's an issue that Michael Youngblood, the co-founder of Unsettled, is actively exploring.

Venture With Impact: Destination Coworking Meets Voluntourism

While on a run with friends in New Orleans in early 2012, Ann Davis felt an electric shock run up her leg. "It was like I'd stuck my foot in a toaster," she recounts. Soon afterward, she was on the ground experiencing a grand mal seizure.