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I grew up in Santa Clarita, California, and am currently studying Journalism at Santa Barbara City College. My new found passion for journalism is growing with each opportunity.
I'm currently a writer and news editor for The Channels. My beat was the Student Senate but I opened my horizons by writing a few other things as well.
I will be earning my associate degree in journalism at the end of this semester. I will be transferring to California State University, Northridge, in August of 2017 to get my bachelors degree in Journalism.



The Channels
Elected officers on SBCC Student Senate get staff parking passes

A number of City College staff and faculty were dismayed to learn Tuesday that six officers on the student senate will be receiving faculty-staff parking passes this semester. "Giving spaces to student senators before resolving the faculty parking problem is unfair, at the least," wrote English Professor Michele Peterson in an email response to The Channels.

The Channels
Student government removes stipends from budget

The Associated Student Government decided Friday to revise its student representation and general funds to remove the stipend budget and increase its budgets for committee meeting food and event supplies. Due to a campus-wide concern of a lack of transparency in regards to the stipend budget, the officers removed the stipends from their student representation...

The Channels
Associated Student Government appoints seven new officers

In their third week serving on the Associated Student Government, seven new student officers have been appointed to serve for the remainder of the spring semester. "Since we have filled out our new seats I believe our new members are adjusting pretty well to the amount of information we have given them," Josh Villanueva, vice...

The Channels
Student Senate disapproves of wording in new cheating policy

The Associated Student Government expressed its disapproval of proposed changes to City College's cheating policy at its meeting Friday. The student government reviewed the changes to the cheating policy, or academic integrity policy, that the Academic Polices Committee (AP) drafted several month ago. Student officers are concerned with the wording, and validity, of what constitutes cheating...

The Channels
Student Government discusses raising student fee up to $5

The Student Senate discussed the possibility of rerouting its two funds into one single account and increasing the student fee to up to $5 at its meeting Friday. These proposed changes must go out for a student-wide vote before any official changes are made. The goal of creating a single account to store money from both...

The Channels
Fresh food banks to provide free nutrition to students in need

Facilities Supervisor Mark Broomfield is collaborating with City College groups in efforts to create fresh food banks for students on campus. Currently, Extended Opportunity Program and Services has a fully stocked food pantry located on the second floor of the Student Services Building to feed students who are in need.

The Channels
Language change in student senate's 'Fee Change 2' vote

A last-minute discovery that required changing the language of the proposed fee change on next-week's ballot called a special Student Senate meeting into order Thursday. After an hour discussion, the officers came to an agreement to remove the original "fee change one" off of the ballot.


The Channels
Outgoing Student Government president leaves big shoes to fill

Student officers shuffle into their seats Friday morning for their weekly Student Senate meeting. Despite the early morning hour, Student President Dylan Raiman, 20, bounces to the front of the table to call the meeting into order with a shining smile and positive attitude. As officer reports begin, Raiman spends a few minutes listing off...


The Channels
Journalists should be encouraged by Trump era

It may be hard to admit, but the election of President Donald Trump is the best thing that ever happened to mainstream journalism. While Trump has continuously accused the The New York Times as having a "failing reputation" and being "inaccurate" in its reporting, it has already gained 276,000 digital subscribers over the past three...