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current slug, aspiring human who dapples in the art of the written word. My specialty is in profile and feature writing. I also write opinions when the boil up within me.

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The Bark: Menstrual cups

Welcome to The Bark, The Santa Rosa Junior College Oak Leaf student media podcast. This episode is about menstrual cups. 5 women and 1 man sit down to discuss the pros and cons of the divisive product called the menstrual cup, an eco-friendly alternative to pads and tampons.

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SRJC students show solidarity in DACA walkout

Students staged a walkout to protest the Trump Administration's immigration policies, leaving textbooks behind to march from the Santa Rosa Junior College campus to downtown Santa Rosa after the final renewal period for the now-defunct Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program ended March 5.

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Centennial Series: New Burbank, new name?

Burbank Auditorium, home to Santa Rosa Junior College's theater arts program, is under renovation during the school's centennial year; this is an opportunity not only for architectural enhancements but to right a historical wrong, by renaming the building altogether. The auditorium is one of many Sonoma County buildings named after Luther Burbank.

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Petaluma Cinema Series celebrates 10th anniversary

The Petaluma campus isn't the cultural epicenter of the Santa Rosa Junior College experience. The Santa Rosa campus boasts the brick buildings, the sports, the art and theater productions. And while the "community feel" of the main campus is sparse, it is almost non-existent in Petaluma.

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When they call you a terrorist, write a book

Biographies are easy reads. It's inherently interesting to read about a life that produced intellect, heroism or art. But a good biography is insightful, with the power to contextualize history and reframe the present. Patrisse Khan-Cullors' new memoir, "When They Call You a Terrorist," takes this historical approach and lacks no heart because of it....

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From low GPA to President of SGA

There is a common misconception that successful Santa Rosa Junior College students follow a linear academic path straight from high school. Student president Evelyn Navarro, 24, seeks to challenge more than one convention in her role at SRJC. "The norm is not a woman of color in a position of leadership.