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The Hawaii Herald
A Rodízio Odyssey

It’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon and, as I look around the aisles of the Shell gas station convenience store, I realize how hungry I am. There’s no shortage of tantalizing chocolate bars and potato chips on display here in the Pituba neighborhood of Salvador, Brazil, but I gravitate towards the multicolored label that reads “Amendoim Tipo Japonês” in bold letters.

Destinations Magazine
Destination Domino

The sun is just rising over Angkor Wat, Cambodia’s ancient temple complex. After years of reading about its beauty, I am excited to finally experience this moment for myself. As a hint of orange breaks through the clouds, I can see the reflection of the grand temple in the nearby water lily pond. It is everything I had imagined — at least until the buses arrive.

The Hawaii Herald
Donkeys On The Run

The donkeys are loose and I am petrified. Just days ago, these animals seemed to be living symbols of tranquility — eating out of my hand, reveling in my affection, greeting me each afternoon at their feeding trough. Their serene nature was so assuring that I agreed to take care of them, here in rural Andalucía, despite the fact that I have no farm training at all. It wasn’t a problem . . . until this very moment.


The Hawaii Herald
Tracing an Indelible Mark

Decades before sweeping art galleries, trendy bars and hip restaurants revitalized O‘ahu’s Chinatown, the area was a gritty mid-century Mecca for tattoo enthusiasts, connecting the mystic art of the East with the rugged images of the West.

The Hawaii Herald
Warriors Eyeing Japan

In the competitive world of college football recruiting, Hawai‘i is a nice place to visit, but not such a great place to live.

The Hawaii Herald
Graffiti for Good

Urban Kalihi, a district that is no stranger to the plight of vandalism, is now home to the largest work of graffiti in the state. And it is completely legal.


Pacific Buddhist Academy
PBA Welcomes a New Spring Intercession

Springtime is known around the world as a season that ushers in new beginnings. At PBA, it means the introduction of an inter-grade, project-based assignment.

Pacific Buddhist Academy
Learning Leadership Through Temple Services

Part of being a student at PBA means attending temple service once a week. But unlike many parochial secondary schools, where members of the clergy conduct the event, PBA students also play leading roles in the services as chanters, emcees, singers, aspirational speakers, and organists.

Pacific Buddhist Academy
PBA's Garden Bares Fruit and Builds Young Minds

Whether it was managing a community garden near Kapiolani Park, or maintaining one in his own front yard, Science Instructor Van Velasco has spent countless hours in his adult life cultivating plants. Now, he’s using that same hobby to cultivate student minds at PBA.


The Hawaii Herald
Passing the Torch

Eric Matsumoto reached the legal drinking age over 30 years ago, but he is still being counted on to lead a youth movement.

Asian Americans: An Encyclopedia of Social, Cultural, Economic, and Political History
Troy Polamalu

Born on April 19, 1981, in Garden Grove, California, Polamalu is of Samoan descent. He grew up in Winston, Oregon, and attended Douglas High School. He was an All-State football player as well as a standout on the baseball and basketball teams.

Honolulu Magazine
Whatever Happened to Bumpy Kanahele?

It’s a run-of-the-mill question between a medicine man and his patient: “You look more strong, you staying away from the kava?” Only this isn’t any ordinary healer, it’s Dennis “Bumpy” Kanahele, leader of the Nation of Hawaii and a perpetual thorn in the state’s side.


Pacific Buddhist Academy
Blayne: PBA Taiko Drummer

“I march to a different drum” — Blayne Nakasone, class of 2014 Cultivating the Buddhist values of patience, self-discipline and interdependence is at the heart of Blayne Nakasone’s love of taiko.

Pacific Buddhist Academy
Curriculum at the Pacific Buddhist Academy

The curriculum at Pacific Buddhist Academy fuses Buddhist values with a standards-based course of studies designed to equip youth to succeed in college and their adult careers.

Pacific Buddhist Academy
Koki: PBA Varsity Canoe Paddler

Most incoming freshmen at PBA have to adjust to the rigors of high school, only Koki Atcheson had to face the additional hurdle of acclimating to life as a Seattle transplant.