J.T. Morand

Communications and Marketing Professional

United States

Master Storyteller ✦ Professional Editor ✦ Creative Content Creator ✦ Passionate Environmentalist

I tell the right story to the right audiences with clear, insightful and informative writing. The content I create convinces audiences to act, helps boost the profitability of businesses and successfully markets nonprofit organizations and fundraisers as well as artists of all stripes.

Communicating who you are is most important to me. While you develop plans to make your nonprofit more effective for the cause you serve or work your genius to produce goods that make the world a better place for all, I will communicate to the world your brilliance and I will help you develop your brand.

Let me tell your story.

I’m ready to help you with copywriting, editing, grant writing, communications management, marketing, public relations or other communication needs.

Let’s connect! Contact me at [email protected]