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Jordan Sweidan

Chief Production Editor for The Skyline View

Location icon United States

Part time waiter, full time tech and photojournalist.


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Is this steel worth your silver?

The Pebble Steel is exactly what it appears to be. A smartwatch, with class. Just over a year ago, Pebble, a smartwatch manufacturing company released the original Pebble through Kickstarter. The accessory could display your incoming text messages, sports game scores, emails, and control your music playback, all through a Bluetooth connection to your cellular device.

The Skyline View
Picture This by Dandy: An electronic scavenger hunt for photos

Just a few weeks ago at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Dandy released its first crowd-sourced mobile app available for multiple OS platforms, named Picture This. In order to use the app, you'll have to either connect through Facebook, or create an account via your email address.

The Zombies are back

Do you like strategy-based games? What about decapitating zombies with a pea shooter? If so, then Plants vs. zombies 2 is just the game for you! PopCap Games brings you a whole new adventure in this app, with new plants to use to prevent the zombies from eating your brains, new zombies to bring down, and new environments filled with reachable power ups and obstacles to overcome.

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