Justine Mulliez

Freelance Writer, Content Creator, PR Strategist

United States

Nomad, creative brain, and curious cat, I am a 29-year-old French-American who has spent years chasing winter around the globe and who currently calls Bend, Oregon, home. I live from my passions and while not working as a project manager in the action sports industry or as an outdoor educator working with youth in the wild, I can be found gallivanting around the world's mountainous regions with my border collie/lab mix Wanaka, snowboarding, backpacking, climbing, mountain biking and generally pushing my limits and learning from trial and failure.

Off the mountain, I love to write, make music, and paint, roam around the country in my Subaru and try to answer life's many questions (ie. what's for dinner?). Fascinated by the natural world and human connection, I write about the outdoors, creativity, and the human experience.


Branded Content

The Cairn Project
Introducing 'Living Her Adventure' - The Cairn Project

We're thrilled to launch a new blog series in partnership with Ambassador Justine Mulliez! Living Her Adventure will profile women in and beyond the outdoor industry who are living their fullest lives and pushing their limits. Meet Justine below and learn more about this exciting collaboration!

Meet Decathlon's Backpacking Brand, Forclaz

If you ever dreamed of losing yourself in the vast expanse of California's wilderness, or along the winding streets of another country, Decathlon's backpacking brand, Forclaz (FOR-KLAH), is here to accompany you. Our team is comprised of passionate backpackers based both in our Forclaz design center at the foot of the Mont Blanc in France, and across the world in every Decathlon store.

3 Types of Backpacking Adventures

At Decathlon, our backpacking brand Forclaz understands that backpackers are resourceful and adaptable with their gear. Traveling across the globe for two years? Of course you can use an overstuffed 40L Quechua backpack and regular sneakers to scale a mountain in Nepal, wander the streets of Istanbul, and traverse the sands of the Sahara.

5 Habits to Adopt for Adventuring Outdoors

As backpackers, we're often heading into the wilderness to seek refuge in nature's many wonders. We're drawn to beautiful overlooks to view mountains painted across the sky in different shades, we're lured into riverbeds teeming with life, and we're often running from the hustle and bustle of the city.

How to Care for Your Backpacking Bag

Proper care for your pack is pivotal to ensuring your gear can travel through all your adventures with you as long as possible. This elongates the lifespan of your gear, while making it look clean and maintaining its mint condition! 1) Remove Any Dirt After Every Trip Every time you return from a backpacking trip: Completely empty your bag.

Top Benefits of Backpacking in Nature

Backpacking is good for the soul. And the brain. And the body. Don't trust us? Here's proof! #1 You will feel more relaxed and happier Effects on your spirit may appear self-evident, considering how you feel, but simply being surrounded by nature will make you feel alive.

PR Strategy

The Distillery
Media Presentation for Suzuki Nine Royals

For 3 years, I designed and implemented the PR strategy for the Suzuki Nine Knights & Queens and Suzuki Nine Royals skiing, snowboarding, and mountain biking events hosted throughout Europe.


The Mountain Echo | Val d'Isère, France
Getting Personal With Anne-Flore Marxer

Last week, Franco-Swiss pro snowboarder Anne-Flore Marxer was in town with some friends and graciously took time out of her shred-athon to meet with the Echo before ultimately taking second in the Chamonix leg of the Freeride World Tour on her birthday! Here’s what she had to say about being a snowboarder first, a female snowboarder second, an industry activist, and an adventurer always.

The Cairn Project
Living Her Adventure: Kerstin Stock - The Cairn Project

Living Her Adventure is a new blog series by Ambassador Justine Mulliez that profiles women in and beyond the outdoor industry who are living their fullest lives and pushing their limits. Our first installment features Kerstin Stock of One Wild.

The Cairn Project
Living Her Adventure: Kate Blazar - The Cairn Project

Growing up on the Olympic Peninsula in the 1980s and 1990s, in an era of aggressive logging in that area, Kate Blazar witnessed firsthand the harm that business can wreak on the environment.