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Jacqueline Smith

Urban Garden Freelance Writer

Location icon United States of America

I am a budding writer in the organic gardening arena. I have 4 years experience of freelance writing in sustainable urban growing, food justice and homesteading. I am a contributing writer for the Heirloom Gardener online magazine as well as Chicago's South Shore Current magazine. I write for my own blog Chronicles of an Urban Grower by Jacqueline Smith where I share my experiences in sustainable food cultivation, homesteading and permaculture. I look forward to continuing my work as a freelance writer in urban growing.

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Contributing writer of the Environment and Food Justice blog, 2014

Winner of the Green People Green Planet Award awarded by Green America, 2017

Certified permaculture designer by Black Oaks Center for Sustainable and Renewable Living, 2017

Food First
Food Justice in the City: Report on the Black Farmers and Urban Growers Conference

Moderator's Note: It is our privilege to present a guest blog prepared by Jacqueline A. Smith, a Chicago-based urban farmer and food justice activist with roots in the African American sharecropper community. Ms. Smith recently attended the Black Farmers and Urban Growers (BUGs) conference in Detroit and offers an insightful report on the proceedings.

Urban Grower Chronicles of Jacqueline Smith

What I Love about Gardening Smelling like earth, witnessing a seed germinate, harvesting nurtient dense vegetables from soil, wearing denim coveralls with wellies, cleaning dirt from my nails-these are my joys as an urban gardener. I love it. There is nothing more satisfying to me than being covered in sweat and earth after tending a...

Urban Grower Chronicles of Jacqueline Smith
Permaculture: More than Just Farming in My Life

Permaculture has been largely related to vegetable gardening, off-grid living, and homesteading. But it can be applied to life outside of gardening and farming. This is one thing I have discovered being a student of permaculture as I apply it in my home, my workspace, and maintenance of my health.

Binamu Media South Shore Current DEC 2017

Flipsnack is a digital catalog maker that makes it easy to create, publish and share html5 flipbooks. Upload a PDF or design from scratch flyers, magazines, books and more. Author: Binamu Media Inc, Catalog: Binamu Media South Shore Current DEC 2017, Published: Dec 03, 2017

Growing Strong Together
Medicinal Herbs for Spring Planting

Spring is the time for planting flowers, vegetables and HERBS-medicinal herbs to be exact. The winter months are departing as the season of newness and fertility descends therefore, sowing seeds of healing are in order. Herbs of medicine are great assets to have in your garden and in your medicine cabinet.

Guest Bloggers

My Waist Beads: The Journey and Experience I write to share my personal experience with waist beads. I wear my waist beads every day, I never take them off, not even in the shower. With each waist bead creation, I have set my intentions for their purpose on my body.

Heirloom Gardener
Benefits of Chickens in My Urban Garden

Sharing the benefits of having backyard chickens in my urban garden space. Chickens are amazing! Their daily activities of laying eggs, scratching and pooping contribute to life in my urban vegetable garden space. These feathered beings do some much, who knew! I certainly did not.

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