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Murphy's Makes it Big in March

It is said that the best teachers teach from the heart and not by the book, and this statement holds true for MN English teacher Kari Murphy as she was awarded with the March 2016 Employee of the Month in Millard Public Schools. Every week, a link is sent out through the human resources to...

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Dancing their way to victory

Positivity was flowing in the veins of Mustangs after the MN dance team came back from Nationals securing 2nd place in Jazz and 5th place in Pom. MN has always been esteemed as a powerhouse school for dance, but dance team coaches Mila O'Brien and Andrea Feltz are committed to making the close-knit group of...

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Sixth in the nation, first in our hearts

As the school year comes to a close, a series of tournaments are only beginning for MN's powerhouse Forensics team. Two national tournaments, National Individual Events Tournament of Champions (NIETOC) and National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) will be hosting their national-style tournament May 13-15 and June 13-17, respectively.

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The Nonpartisan Party is in

It's no secret that the 2016 election is looming around the corner, and it seems to be getting quite competitive. With candidates like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton making an impression, it is getting more difficult for independent candidates to make a notable impression on America's voters.

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A Date to Remember

As I entered the mall over spring break for what seemed like an innocent shopping trip, I found myself in the middle of a battlefield. After circling the food court for free samples for the third time, I noticed an unnerving trend. Teenage girls. Everywhere. Bustling from store to store, tensions were high as I...

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Reliable news source or profit driven corporation?

Every morning around kitchens across America, adults brew their morning coffee and sit down to read the daily newspaper. While reading the newspaper is occasionally dubbed as a dying art form, an increasing fad in current event junkies is online news sources. As most can agree, it's not exactly challenging to discover trends within news...

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ACT=Actual Child Torture

On Mar. 14, 2002, the Sacramento Bee reported that test-related jitters, especially among young students, are so common that the Stanford-9 exam comes with instructions on what to do with a test booklet in case a student vomits on it. For many students like me, it's a frightening reality that a poor result on a...

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A different system for safety

MN's old system of 'Code Yellow/Code Red' has been replaced with a simple safety program called 'Standard Response Protocol' used all over the Metro area. Over the course of the last decade, school shootings and dangerous situations have become frequent. Procedures that keep the public safe have become an important subject, causing school safety to...

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Paleontology Rocks

For many high school students, the thought of getting a summer job haunt their thoughts. Some work at a grocery store, some work in fast food, and some even go to Montana to lead dangerous paleontological digs. Well, maybe that last one isn't very common, but it still holds true for Junior Will Solberg.

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'Stars' Shine Bright Amidst Challenges

While junior Sarah Hanson did not anticipate to be spending her winter break mastering a Russian accent, the challenge was worth the effort for her and her co-stars. "To See the Stars is a dramatic play that allows its actors to not only push themselves creatively, but teaches them important lessons about strength and integrity,"...

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Compelling Compassion Through Storytelling

Around 78 years ago, one of the world's worst genocidal massacres began. Characterized by the slaughter of over eleven million innocent people, the Holocaust is an event that is not easily forgotten. Dr. Fred Kader, a Holocaust survivor, recently visited MN to share his experiences and educate MN on the more personal, compassionate side to...

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Picture Perfect

For MN senior Abby Nicolas, snapping pictures is more than just a hobby. With senior year in full swing, the stress of taking senior pictures is not so much stress, but more of a passion. Entrepreneurs who master their craft generally have humble beginnings. Such is the case with Nicolas and her photography business.