Jack Hart

Writer and Editor

Location icon United Kingdom

Currently Junior Fitness Editor at Men's Health.

Previously Associate Online Editor at Impact and Intern at Trail Running.

Also available for freelance writing.

[email protected]

Men's Health
MH Interview: Joe Wicks

With #LeanIn15 recipes now an established phenomenon and his cook book flying off the shelves, Wicks has clearly been getting something right

Men's Health
What Would Brexit Mean For Your Health

By Men's Health Brexit is the word on everyone's lips right now. The Tories are splitting at the seams of their waistcoats and Labour can't seem to decide whether to exploit that or update Corbyn's wardrobe (he might like our tips for well-groomed guys) , such is the political turmoil.

Men's Health
14 Best Breakfast Foods

Breakfast, as you may have heard, is the most important meal of the day. Here's how to make sure you're getting the most from it

Mens Health
Natural Remedy: Microadventures

A breath of fresh air in the wild is easier - and closer - than you think. MH spoke to a panel of outdoors experts to find out how you can escape oppressive urban living

Impact Magazine
Outcast: England's Problem With Armitage

Steffon Armitage remains England Rugby's outcast hero, marginalised by the RFU's stubborn selection policy. Impact investigates why

Impact Magazine
Things That Need To Disappear From The SU Elections Forever

SU election campaigns are a familiar sight to anyone who has ventured onto campus in recent weeks. With the new SU team having just been picked it seems a prudent time to reflect on these campaigns and pick out a few ways in which they have been one familiar sight too many: a guideline for next year's hopefuls.

Impact Magazine
Bold Claims: Is JJ As Good As Guscott?

England have had a mixed start to their Six Nations campaign, comprehensively beating the Welsh on their own turf before almost letting the cat out of the bag against Italy. Stuart Lancaster and his fellow coaches need to tighten up their team's performance, but the fans aren't the only people wondering what will happen on match day.

Impact Magazine
Microadventures: What On Earth?

Given students already pay extortionate fees for freezing cold accommodation, why then remove those walls and sleep in the wild? Well, here's why

Impact Magazine
QBE Internationals 2014: A Retrospective

England's defeat of Australia on Saturday brought to a close this year's autumn internationals test series; it was the last opportunity for northern hemisphere teams to test themselves against a host of southern hemisphere countries before the World Cup in England next year.

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