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Single Touch Payroll - Rees Group

Data has become enormous and readily available allowing us to assess at any given moment how our businesses are performing, what our strengths are and where we can make improvements. The leverage and potential this data allows us is crucial for today's businesses to survive and thrive.

Rees Group
Getting organised for Single Touch Payroll reporting - Rees Group

Getting organised for Single Touch Payroll reporting You may recall seeing something about Single Touch Payroll (STP) in your inbox a month or so ago. Maybe you completed a head count or maybe you might have put it off for a few more weeks.

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GST Changes for Residential Property - Rees Group

GST changes for Residential Property Are you a purchaser or vendor of new residential or potential residential land? Maybe you're a party to development agreements or perhaps you're a landlord or tenant under long term leases (50 years or more) affected by the GST withholding regime.

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After finance? Get on the front foot with CCR - Rees Group

After finance? Get on the front foot with CCR When was the last time you applied for finance? Do you know your credit score? Are you comfortable with your score or do you cringe and bury your head in the sand? Do you know what data is kept in your credit file that might affect your score?

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Director Penalty Regime - Rees Group

Big Brother for Directors is here Are you a director, A.K.A bigwig, VIP, hotshot, chief or head-honcho, of a company? Whatever terminology floats your boat if you're leading the pack it's important to be aware of what's on the line to walk in those shoes.

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Long Service Leave Changes - Rees Group

Long Service Leave - What you need to know Have you got superstar employees that have been on the books for a while? Do you know about your long service leave (LSL) obligation for those superstars and the recent changes that have occurred in regards to long service?


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The New Mvment

I discovered Barre a little while ago. Intrigued, I did some research and found that it is a workout that blends yoga, pilates, and ballet. Barre is designed to build strength and tone the body; that’s a win-win in my books. I hoped somebody on the Border might be offering it; enter ‘MVE Studios’. If you haven’t heard about MVE I highly recommend you check them out.