Communications Student, Military, Photographer

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Active Duty military in the Navy and Communications student with Post University. Freelance Graphic Designer and Photographer. Looking to get into digital media and public relations.

Luxury Las Vegas
Hello Dolly!

Spread Layout Design for Luxury Las Vegas Magazine

Post University
Ethics and Abortion

Although, some may argue on which stage of pregnancy a fetus can be considered life and that a woman should have the choice as to what to do with her body, I believe abortion at any stage is unethical because a life is a life no matter how small, that a man should have equal share in say as to what becomes of the life, not just the woman, and that if the woman did not intend to bring another life into this earth then there are plenty of options before and after the child is conceived.

Post University
Kayzel Mendoza Debuts Her First EP Through Kickstarter

Aspiring music artist, Kayzel Mendoza, releases her first album with the support of her loyal followers through Kickstarter. Kayzel Mendoza is a YouTube artist from San Diego, CA with thirteen thousand followers, whose dream since childhood was to release her first EP album and through the help of Kickstarter she was able to raise over $7,000 with 180 backers to make that dream happen.

Post University
Survivor In Reality

The television show ‘Survivor’ debuted in 2000 and can be accounted for as the start of the reality television era. This show paved the way for reality programs on network television and opened doors for the vast amount of competition shows we see today.

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