James Howard

Certified Copywriter, Writer

Educated to degree level in German Literature, Translation and Linguistics, and Diploma level in Copywriting – I have written and worked for Vice Media Belgium, The Brighton Journal, American Express and Vero Screening.

As a copywriter, I believe in crisp, simple – but voluble – text. Perhaps, like if Jay McInerney had decided to be a copywriter.

Specialities: Web content, SEO, ads, TV and radio commercials.

New Media and Film: How Digital Changed Cinema

This year marks twenty years since the release of George Lucas' Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, the first blockbuster, the first mainstream film to be fully shot and released on digital film in cinemas. Since then, the world of cinema has been changed inexorably by new media.

Brighton Journal
Albums Of Isolation - Brighton Journal

While the coronavirus has put many of us at home where we need to be that extra bit creative before we start losing it , James Howard talks us through some of his favourite albums and what can be some ideal listening while we are on lockdown.