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Joy Kennelly aka The Joy Writer

Copywriter, Journalist, Content Creator

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I'm a published journalist writing as Joy Kennelly aka The Joy Writer. I have over eight years experience writing for a variety of newspapers, magazines, individuals and companies, including communication media, online Web content, sales/promotional work, scripts, tour guides, website copy and editorial content.



California: To Big Sur. . .With Love

If you want to get out of Dodge - waaaay out of Dodge - and the road is your closest option, consider taking that significant someone on a journey through the languid stretch of coastal asphalt that winds, almost uninterrupted, from Santa Barbara to Monterey: Highway 1.


Tech/Connect is filled with great stories about how people of Southern Nevada connect with technology and each other.



Johnny Jet
Travel Style: Joy A. Kennelly

Want to know how to travel in style, just like the pros? We check in with frequent fliers to find out how often they fly, their favorite destinations and what they never leave home without. Occupation: Founder/Producer/Host/Travel Blogger & Part-time Public Relations Program Professional...say that fast three times :) Residence: Hawthorne, home of the new headquarters and 2 nd highest crime rate in the nation!


Observations on Women in Business Gained from Conferences, Books, Interviews and More - TechZulu

After wrapping up work for a national professional women's organization where I spoke to hundreds of women in all industries, in all levels of their profession, in all areas around the country on a daily basis; attended numerous amazing conferences and special events with panels of female tech founders, entertainment professionals and executives at all levels of their business over the past six months; and read about women who have achieved major success in their fields, I have discovered the...

Investor Insights and Highlights | An Unscientific Process

It can be a confusing world to seek funding when you're just starting out and Silicon Beach Fest (#SBF) was a great place to learn what investors are looking for, meet investors of all levels in a collaborative environment, network with like-minded entrepreneurs, and develop relationships to further your dream and business.


Pure, Unadulterated Joy: @OscarPRgirl: Oscar de la Renta Fashion Pre-Fall Preview @NashvilleSymph...

By Joy A. Kennelly As my client, Int'l Celebrity/Wedding Stylist, Nicole Janowicz, styles tonight's AW2012 runway show for M I L A, the eponymous collection by Mila Hermanovski whose appearance on Project Runway (both as a finalist of season 7 and as a currently airing All-Star) and subsequent capsule collections have been shown to great reviews, I satisfied my longing to attend LA Fashion Week by watching the premiere of Fashion Star last night which was a blast.

Pure, Unadulterated Joy: Passion Revealed - Alexis Monsanto & Furne One

By Joy A. Kennelly Now that the Hermosa Beach City Council Candidates I was stumping for, Jeff Duclos and Howard Fishman, are safely in office I can get back to more fun topics seeing as I've left you dangling on LA Fashion Week long enough.:) Finally, the long-awaited Passion Revealed review!

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