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High Tea

It's completely silent. Well, except for the sound of cicadas drifting up from the valley floor, and except for the sound of the wind whistling through the half open ventilation windows. Beneath my feet, a long way beneath my feet, is the lush green of rainforest vegetation, the occasional farm, and, in some sections, what...

and anyways...
the remarkable adventures of eddie the eel...

So I've been walking a lot today. A lot. Partly because hubby put his foot down about any sort of jumping off anything, and partly because to fall off the wagon to the extent that I plan to fall off it, requires some compensatory activity. But mostly I've been walking a lot today because Lake...

and anyways...

Queenstown is one of those airports that every one should fly into at least once. Coming in over the mountains and the lakes and the snow topped caps is, well, it's remarkable. Someone has already done us height challenged people the service of installing a little mirror in the top of the plane overhead lockers...

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