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Santa Rosa Press Democrat
SRJC instructor who died kayaking 'gracious beyond belief'

The death Wednesday of an inspirational Santa Rosa Junior College professor sent a wave of shock and grief through the campus community Thursday, as students and colleagues mourned a loss felt throughout Sonoma County.

SRJC District Police under investigation

Santa Rosa Junior College is investigating its own police force on allegations of promoting a hostile work environment, sexual harassment, padding overtime hours and possession of child pornography, according to anonymous sources close to the investigation. The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) filed hostile workplace and sexual harassment grievances on behalf of six District Police employees in the early summer.

The Oak Leaf
Photos From the Valley Fire

A home lies in ruins behind a relatively unharmed fence after being ravaged by the Valley Fire in Middletown, Calif. The fire destroyed more than 585 homes and the cause is still unknown, according to CalFire. The Red Cross has set up shelters throughout the affected areas, including at the Napa County Fairgrounds in Calistoga, Calif.

The Oak Leaf
Whistleblowers say their careers are in ruins

When Santa Rosa District Police whistleblowers Vanessa Spaeth and Josh Richards reported finding child porn on a fellow employee's personal thumb drive, they figured they were doing the right thing. Nearly a year later, both say their careers have been deliberately ruined, and had they known the personal and professional retaliation they have faced since...

BEYOND THE YELLOW TAPE: Community persistently seeks answers to police brutality

Prominent civil rights attorney John L. Burris, who has represented Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, Tupac Shakur and other well-known figures in police brutality cases, said prejudice has become a serious impediement to law enforcement during "Deconstructing 'Protect & Serve,'" a panel discussion organized by the SRJC Black Student Union Sept.

The Oak Leaf
SRJC District Police 'wet lab' training exercise went awry; college investigated

Two years ago, before veteran Santa Rosa Junior College District Police officer Jeffrey Holzworth's parking meter thefts came to light and before the current outsourced investigations of campus police, SRJC officials quietly dealt with another campus police controversy. It involved an inadequately supervised "wet lab" for cadets that went awry, leading to one cadet hospitalized...

The Oak Leaf
'Wet Lab' incident cost nearly $40k

When the Santa Rosa Junior College district police department held a botched training exercise in 2012 that sent one cadet to the hospital with alcohol poisoning, the subsequent investigation cost the school nearly $40,000 and resulted in no serious discipline for the officers involved, according to sources with knowledge of the investigation and documents released...

The Oak Leaf
BSU students encounter racism

Editor's Note: After careful deliberations and consultation with the SRJC Black Student Union, Oak Leaf editors decided to include potentially offensive language in the following article. Members of Santa Rosa Junior College's Black Student Union encountered a spate of racism and bigotry while on a retreat with members of the Sonoma State BSU Nov.

The Oak Leaf
Officials eradicate cannabis crops

Between Healdsburg and Forestville, near where the Russian River turns a lazy corner from west to south and oozes its way underneath the rusty steel span of the Wohler Bridge, there, on a manzanita-clogged hillside full of poison oak, a Santa Rosa Junior College district employee discovered an extensive marijuana grow operation on the school's...

Petaluma public safety incident prompts faculty concerns

SRJC Petaluma campus faculty and staff are voicing concerns about the lack of police presence on the campus after an April 2014 incident in which a faculty member had to wait 45 minutes for District Police to arrive to control an aggressive and unruly student who had refused to leave the classroom.

Time for tolerance

Would you root for a professional sports team called the Los Angeles Niggers? How about the Cincinnati Faggots? No? Are the Carolina Crackers more your type of team? Perhaps the Golden State Wetbacks could be your favorite ballers?

Day Under the Oaks draws huge crowd

When Santa Rosa Junior College throws an open house party, it goes all-out. The annual Day Under the Oaks celebration stretched across the Santa Rosa campus as student organizations, clubs and academic departments set up booths and opened their doors to welcome the Sonoma County community.

SOFA: The soul of Santa Rosa

The neighborhood next to Julliard Park on South A Street may be quiet, but the street art is loud with intricate designs, powerful political statements and bold mural paintings. Artists have slowly changed this neighborhood from the seedy edge of downtown Santa Rosa into a quiet art community.

Film fest rocks Petaluma [Review]

Some filmmakers offered to sell hugs on the internet, some risked imprisonment or worse, several looked to get a good grade and others tried to push the envelope of stop motion animation. Whatever the directors' motivation, Film Fest Petaluma was full of some of the best short films in the world.

Chekhov's "Orchard" occupies Burbank Auditorium

Laughing at the rich while they lose everything can be enjoyable. Watching former servants rejoice over buying their former master's estate is priceless. The Burbank Theater at SRJC has been transformed into a Russian cherry orchard to present Anton Chekhov's 1904 play, "The Cherry Orchard," which opened March 7 to a full house.

And the winner is...

They weigh 8.5 pounds and are 13.5 inches tall. They cannot be sold by their owners unless first offered to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for $1. Last year, 40.3 million people tuned in to watch them being handed out.

Forestville singer goes to Hollywood on 'Idol'

David Luning Few local musicians can say that they have performed a song that reached more than 15 million people. David Luning is one of them. Luning, a Santa Rosa native who lives in Forestville, recently auditioned for American Idol in front of the judges Harry Connick Jr, Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban.