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Joshua Copus - Oxland

Lead Writer, The Falmouth Anchor

Location icon United Kingdom

Freelance journalist and writer, currently working for The Falmouth Anchor.



The Falmouth Anchor
Ankle Deep in the Flicka Foundation

I decided to volunteer for the Flicka Foundation Donkey Sanctuary on a whim. I've always been curious to see what it's like to work with animals but have never had the chance. Thankfully, the foundation is easily accessible to volunteer for through the FXU Flicka Volunteering Project.

Transitioning from Journalism to Copywriting

Going from one field of writing to another can seem daunting at first, but Joshua Copus - Oxland is here to tell (presumably) would-be journalists like you how to get into copywriting as an alternative. Copywriting is a rather vague-sounding subject, and one that draws confusion whenever it's mentioned.

The Falmouth Anchor
Home of Springs, Trengwaington: At the Poly

Home of Springs, Trengwaington is a long-running project by Barbara Santi, an established documentary filmmaker currently based in West Cornwall, whose themes often revolve around Cornish heritage, rurality and agriculture. This project in particular is about the Trengwaington gardens in Penzance: it takes place across multiple mediums from the feature film, to the companion book, exhibitions and even a few workshops.

The Falmouth Anchor
A Loner in a Lonely Land - My Half-Year in Finland

In winter, especially from December to January, the Finns only see the sun for six hours a day. If there's a country that epitomizes the winter blues, it's Finland, complete with the cold, isolation and lots of woodland.

The Falmouth Anchor
UK Climate Strikes: Cornish students join protest

Students and parents demonstrated, on Friday, in front of County Hall in Truro as part of YouthStrike4Climate's first nationwide climate change strike, with more demonstrations expected to come soon. The UK Student Climate Network (UKSCN) organised the event, which gave protesters the chance to wave banners, voice their concerns through the PA system and reach out to members of Cornwall Council.

The Falmouth Anchor
Hereditary's Horror Rebuff - How The Oscars Snubbed Toni Colette

Oscar season is drawing closer. In the realm of horror, there was a breadth of flicks this year that fit the bill for nominations, from the breakout hit A Quiet Placeto the redefining remake of Suspiriato the sci-fi horror Annihilation.

The Falmouth Anchor
Housing Disasters (And How to Avoid Them)

It'll soon be the start of a new term and soon after, a new academic year will approach faster than you think. Provided you haven't blown your fresher's year on clubbing or whatever, you'll be looking for accommodation outside of halls.

Oxide Ghosts - The Brass Eye Tapes Review

Brass Eye is back on our screens for a exclusive tour of the UK which included The Poly. Oxide Ghosts: The Brass Eye Tapes, a documentary featuring alternate takes, extended sketches, behind the scenes shots, entirely unseen sketches not filmed for broadcast, and outtakes of this acclaimed and controversial satire, with a Q&A by director Michael Cummings.

Academic Work

Shard (Assignment Magazine)
Shard - Gaming Magazine Assigment

An assignment done for the 2nd academic year, which was to create a magazine as a group project. I was assigned as Lead Design, organising the pages of the magazine and contributing to the overall look, as well as a few articles. I will acknowledge the design is a mess, but it's only an example of the work I produced during my time as a student.

Falmouth University (TruthFal)
Student Invasion - The Effects of Student Expansion

An assignment done for the 2nd academic year, which covered a local issue. In this case, it was written about the rise of student expansion in Falmouth and its effects. This would've been pitched towards the academic journalism blog TruthFal.

Falmouth University (TruthFal)
Beside the Wave with Sarah Wimperis

An assignment done for the 2nd academic year, which covered an event. In this case, it was the Q&A+Screening of Loving Vincent with one of the painters/animators in the team, Sarah Wimperis


Reddit Gets Drawn

A collection of digital paintings made for Reddit Gets Drawn, a site where users can submit their photos for internet users to draw in any style.

Fiction/Hobby Work

Josh's Box of Stories
Too Many Curses by A. Lee Martinez - Review + Art

Alright, so after reading The Lies of Locke Lamora, which, while fantastic, left me yearning for something more lighthearted in tone, I was interested in Too Many Curses the instant I heard it had a non-human protagonist, one who cleans castles, feeds bleeding walls, and reads to monsters underneath her bed.

The Falmouth Anchor
Introducing: 'Collapsible Kingdom' by Joshua Copus-Oxland

The Arts Section has started a brand new segment called 'Our Creative Community,' in which writers will have the ability to showcase and publish work that has a personal meaning to them. Here is our second entry: 'Collapsible Kingdom' - a short story written by Joshua Copus-Oxland.

Josh's Box of Stories
Travelogue - Helsinki, Stockholm and Mariehamn

So began our tour from Turku to Helsinki, Stockholm, to Mariehamn and back to Turku again. First I had to get up early before 7 so I could catch the bus to the city centre, and then waited for the ...

Josh's Box of Stories
Sally's Sweet Shop of Words!

Sally Crabtree has set up shop in the North Cornwall Book Festival with her Sweet Shop of Words, a magical place where guests can come in and be taken back to a familiar place in childhood where one's choice of how to spend their pocket money meant everything.