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Cognitive Dissonance of White People - Josh Schott - Medium

It's disturbing how white people fetishize the killing of Nazis and defeating Nazi Germany during WW2, yet when confronted with actual Nazis and white supremacists in contemporary American culture and social system, white people are more concerned with making sure Nazis have a platform to strengthen and expand their project of white domination and ethnic cleansing.

Rhetoric vs. Actions

Trump is a disgusting, horrible human being and it's terrifying that he is the Republican nominee. While he makes overtly racist, sexist, xenophobic comments, Clinton has actually enacted devastatingly racist policies that harm women, Muslims, people of color, working class folk, and Third World peoples the most.

Stanford Daily
Gates Foundation, divest from G4S

The Stanford Class of 2014 Commencement speakers, Bill and Melinda Gates, are currently facing global scrutiny for their foundation's $172 million investment in G4S, the world's largest private military and security company.

E-International Relations
The Differences Between the Taliban and Al-Qaeda

Following the attacks on 9/11, President Bush told the American public that the Islamic militant group Al-Qaeda was responsible for the devastating attacks and the Taliban regime of Afghanistan provided a safe haven for the terrorist organization.

E-International Relations
Deconstructing Justifications for Invading Iraq

During World War II, the United States government made preparations to become the new global super power following the end of the war. To realize the goal of global dominance, US officials created the concept of the "Grand Area."

International Rivers
From Montana to Bangladesh, #RiversUniteUs

Photo Credit: Harry Lichtman I grew up in one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring places in the United States - Montana - home to Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, 16 wilderness designated areas, and 78 free-flowing rivers.

Stanford Daily
Op-Ed: Perceptions of higher education

The etymology of "university" is "institution of higher learning." University does not mean "institution of higher profit." Unfortunately, this latter meaning is an apt description of some practices at universities, including Stanford. For instance, the University sells corporations access to students based on how much money a corporation is willing to pay the University.

International Rivers
The World Celebrated Rivers on March 14

As the International Day of Action for Rivers Coordinator for 2015, I was provided a rare and special opportunity to learn at a personal level about the different struggles of people fighting to protect the rivers that sustain their communities.