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Professional writer, editor, and photographer. I've spent time in the journalistic trenches, crafted acclaimed copy and speeches, and I edit with a hawk's eye. I also take the occasional powerful photograph. From ghostwriting and blogging, to AP guideline reporting, I'm available for assignments that help make a difference, improve brands, create impact or simply share the truth.


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Park Labrea News/ Beverly Press
A Living Witness to History

Holocaust Survivor Continues to Share Her Story It was 1977, more than 30 years since Renee Firestone was trapped behind the walls of the infamous Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in Nazi-occupied Poland, when she heard about a Jewish cemetery being desecrated in the San Fernando Valley. ...
SCV Man Has His Sights Set on Being Sheriff

Vince, 40, didn’t come across so much as a man campaigning for office, but a cop who believes law enforcement officers ultimately answer to the public, and that he could do some good as head of the largest sheriff’s department in America.

The Signal Newspaper
The water beneath its wings

VAN NUYS - It's got to be 100-plus degrees, and Los Angeles County fire Capt. Jeff Britton is standing in the shade of one of the expansive wings of a Super Scooper airplane when he notices the smoke.

The Signal Newspaper
A Life Not Forgotten

And farther up the hill, beneath the raised arms of a gnarled, weather-worn tree sits a little stone angel, keeping watch and serving as a reminder that Becky is not forgotten.

The Signal Newspaper
Canyon Country barber runs a trim business

A barrel-chested man with a thick black pompadour and a salt-and-pepper goatee, Ruiz went to Crown Barber College in East Los Angeles, became a barber in 1959 and bought his barber shop from his then-partner in 1973.

The Signal Newspaper
Escape to Anza Borrego

We drove through the pre-dawn hours, through the concrete jungle of Los Angeles, through the sick yellow glow of sodium vapor street lights, to be here.

The Signal Newspaper
Movie Stuntman Lives Life With His Boots On

The 20-acre ranch he calls home, tucked away in Placerita Canyon, is just minutes away from downtown Newhall but a world away from the hustle-bustle atmosphere that marks the Santa Clarita Valley.


Josh Premako
Josh Premako: Hold On

I know heartbreak may seem the thing that is going to win, but I am urging you: Hold on.

Archaic Cannon Records
Waking Season (album review)

But I’m listening to Waking Season at exactly the right time, when I need music like this, like cold, fresh mountain air burning in my lungs and enlivening my senses.

The Signal Newspaper
Lessons from the Berlin Wall

That was the night the people of Berlin - West and East - pulled at a loose thread in the Iron Curtain which had separated them for 28 years.

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