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I love to write about inspiring social initiatives, interesting cultural destinations and exciting culinary trends.

You can find my work on sites such as: Roads & Kingdoms, Reader's Digest, Huff Post, Spotted By Locals, Slate, Urban Travel Blog, Paste, Billionaires Australia, On A Junket, The Expat Hub, Travel Dudes & more.

I've also written thousands of financial & political articles for TorFX, dozens of currency analysis snippets for The Telegraph and hundreds of social media posts for JOB TODAY.

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Travel Stories

Roads & Kingdoms
Waiting for the Nicaragua Canal

PLAYA GIGANTE, Nicaragua- Each day in Playa Gigante, sometime between noon and 2 p.m., the rhythmic splash of white-tipped Pacific rollers is interrupted by the roar of 20-or-so villagers who congregate on the sand to greet the return of the previous night's fishing trip. Sons, daughters, wives, uncles, aunts, and friends help haul the wooden ...

Reader's Digest
Exploring Aztec culture in Mexico City - Reader's Digest

The Aztecs certainly left their mark on Mexico City. From the women pressing corn tortillas on street corners, to the crumbling ruins of ancient temples, this modern metropolis retains links to its storied past.

Reader's Digest
Spiritual worlds collide at Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

A wooden boat zipped across the glassy surface of Lake Atitlán, sending a procession of ripples in my direction: an invitation to dive in, I assumed. The water was cool, rejuvenating and deep. I ducked under the surface and emerged on my back to take in the views.

Urban Travel Blog
Rocking the Kasbah in Rabat, Morocco

Fadir was engaged in an aggressive confrontation with a stacked policeman about half his age and twice his height. They cut a farcical tableau

Tiny Traveller
Food With a View: Anita's Cooking School in San Pedro La Laguna

“It is a shame, but some of our culture, we are losing,” Anita, my Guatemalan cooking instructor for the day, says as she takes me up a hilly cobbled path that connects the traveller-filled lower half of San Pedro La Laguna to the Maya village above.

Communities / Alternative Travel

Reader's Digest
Athens: Responding to the crisis

Athens, the cradle of Western civilisation and birthplace of democracy, is a sweltering basin of a city littered with ancient ruins and flanked by hilltop viewing points. With a history as sparkling and significant as Athens', the city may never lose its charm to international visitors.

FC St Pauli
Hamburg's football heroes

It was as if an aeroplane was taking off over the stadium. I couldn't just hear 29,000 FC St Pauli fans chanting-I could feel their guttural roar. Red, white and brown flags whirled. Banners condemning violence and fascism were proudly raised.

Reader's Digest
Warsaw's Cold War love affair with neon

Neon, along with Warsaw's largest landmark, the Palace of Culture and Science, evokes contrasting emotions among the city's residents. The Palace of Culture and Science, a 231-metre high behemoth in the heart of town, was built as a "gift" from Joseph Stalin in 1952.

Reader's Digest
The secret spies of Berlin's Devil's Mountain

Our intrepid travel writer Josh Ferry Woodard takes time out during a trip to Berlin to explore the imposing Devil's Mountain (or Teufelsberg), a man-made hill that plays host to one of the US National Security Agency (NSA)'s largest listening posts.

London Travel Articles

Urban Travel Blog
In the Zone: Camden Town

If Cyberdog’s sci-fi vibes leave you feeling like an extra in a dystopian horror movie then head over to Delancey Street to ground yourself back in reality at the Camden Coffee Shop.

Spotted by Locals London
Corsica Studios London | Spotted by Locals

This late-night music venue is one of the only places in London that has the raw energy of a Berlin nightclub. During the daytime Corsica Studios sleeps, hidden from view, almost anonymously, beneath Elephant and Castle train station. It is not until the sun goes down that this creative space opens its doors and springs to life.

Spotted By Locals
Parliament Hill - Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is one of those places that can transport you back in time. Sometimes when I walk along its mudded pathways, littered with dog walkers and eccentric characters, it feels more like a chapter from a Thomas Hardy novel than a scene from the life of Josh Ferry...

Travel Listicles

The Huffington Post
5 Reasons to Visit Honduras: The Murder Capital of the World

Honduras may be known as the murder capital of the world but outside of the big cities, where gang violence and corruption are rife, you can expect to find some of the most lush rainforests, stunning waterfalls, beautiful beaches and friendly people in the whole of Central America.

Roads & Kingdoms
17 Things to Know Before You Go to León, Nicaragua

Pick a side: León or Granada. Founded in 1524 by Spanish conquistador Francisco Hernández de Córdoba, León and Granada are two of the oldest colonial cities in the Americas. Both are blessed with beautiful architecture. For years, they alternated as Nicaragua's capital (until Managua snagged that honor as a compromise in 1852) and the two cities retain a fierce rivalry.

Tiny Traveller
Beautiful Baths & Trendy Ruin Pubs of Budapest

Budapest is a majestic city; brilliant like an expertly cut diamond and just as edgy. There is as much enjoyment to be found visiting the city’s condemned tenement buildings or abandoned factories (the ruin pub scene) as there is in viewing Budapest’s many striking landmarks.

Travel Dudes
'Poor but Sexy': 5 of the Best Bars in Berlin

‘Poor but sexy’ was a phrase that stuck. It resonated with the people of Berlin because it spoke at once of their strive for creativity and their distrust of corporate greed.


The Telegraph
Forex focus: let's not kid ourselves about the pound

"The sovereign debt crisis is like the raging wolf in the way that it has spooked investors from the stick and straw economies of the PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain) towards the stone-walled security of the pound. Consequently sterling has experienced considerable appreciation against the euro this year as it benefits from these defensive inflows."