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I've just completed my MBA at INSEAD, and have a 5+ year career before that creating compelling content and strategy for reaching diverse audiences, from executives to technical decision makers.

Takipi Blog
Java Micro Frameworks: The New Trend You Can't Ignore | Takipi Blog

What are Java micro frameworks and why should you use them? Every language has tradeoffs. With Java, the tradeoff for being a safe, rigorously tested, backwards compatible language is making some sacrifices around agility and streamlining. There's undeniably some verbosity and bloating, however, the JVM is hugely appealing as a backend if you really want to dive into things or go to high scale.

Takipi - Scala

A landing page I created for Takipi working with the UX/UI team.


An example of the documentation I wrote for Takipi

Oi Case Study

Worked with external case study team to select, vet, and create this case study

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