Josh Stephenson

Feature Writer, World of Cruising

I am a magazine journalist and features writer who is currently working at World of Cruising as a feature writer. I write features across the travel sector and have work in the past at CALIBRE, a men's lifestyle title. Freelance work includes When Saturday Comes, Barker Brooks and Global Legal Group.

If you wish to get in contact with me, please send an email to [email protected]


World of Cruising

World of Cruising
Where Next – Kotor

Do you love beautiful architecture, historic churches... and cats? There’s enough in Kotor to entertain you for nine lifetimes, says Josh Stephenson

World of Cruising
MSC Seaview – Ship Review

MSC Cruises may not be a household name in the UK just yet – but with the launch of their brilliant new ship, all that is about to change, as Josh Stephenson reports

World of Cruising
The Great Escape – Caribbean

Made up of 7,000 sun-kissed islands and 28 separate nations, each with its own culture, heritage and amazing beaches, the Caribbean is the ultimate paradise cruise destination

World of Cruising
City Guide – Oslo

Viking treasures, world-class art and fabulous food – Norway’s capital offers experiences beyond price, says Josh Stephenson

World of Cruising
The Guide – Solo Cruises

Looking to explore the world on your own? There's no better way to travel than by cruise ship, says Josh Stephenson


Ben Fogle Interview

Since rising to fame on Castaway, Ben Fogle has become the UK’s favourite unlikely adventurer

Wind In Your Sail

CALIBRE talks to Sir Robin Knox-Johnston about making history, changing lives and what really gets under his skin
A Quick Nip & Tuck

Cosmetic procedures are no longer the preserve of the fairer sex with male cosmetic surgery experiencing a boom

Making A Difference

Combining philanthropic efforts with your luxury travel plans can result in a truly satisfying vacation
Watching The Detectives

We take a look at the lasting appeal of film noir and its impact on cinema today

Sometimes Fit Will Happen

Chris Zaremba was obese and heading towards an early grave. But now at 58 he is in the shape of his life and using his experience to help others

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Considering The Countryside

From ecosystems large and small to meadows, hedgerows and woodlands: the countryside we all know and love is under threat

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Period Homes

Our fascination with period homes, their architecture and furnishings, is stronger than ever