Joe Ponce

MFA Ghostwriter, Author, and Editor

United States

Former Fulbright Scholar. MFA in Fiction Writing from Columbia University.

Joe's writings have appeared in Action: Spectacle, Anathema Magazine, Blunderbuss Magazine, and Apogee Journal.

His audio scripts have been published by the Eeriecast Network.

His video game projects have appeared in Nexus Mods and on the Steam Store.




Fiction short story about two workers in a superstore who attempt to bond over comic books.

Anathema: Spec from the Margins
Fiction: Raices (Roots) - Anathema: Spec from the Margins

5950 Words When it started it looked like a rash, and I only noticed because of the protests. My nephew, Macho, and I were at the theatre for the opening of The Upholders 3: Time and Space Wars.

Blunderbuss Magazine
Already dead.

I look at my dad's cracked and dirty nails and his eye sockets bulging out as the cop walks up to the side of the car. A sheriff, hand on his gunbelt. My dad has, since the checkpoints went up, wanted to stop living along the border. It'd become unsafe.

Blunderbuss Magazine

Back then not much was different about Joliet except the color. What later became the rust orange barbed wire gets to after an age outside was still shiny steel, guarding the power plant where my uncle worked and the harbor where the riverboats docked.


Decentering the Center: Anti-Racist Writing Workshops

By: Joe Ponce Imagine an undergrad creative writing workshop. Usually, it hasn't been updated in a while: whitewashed walls, an unused dry erase board with incoherent smears and squiggles. You've given a piece of fiction to be critiqued by a group of other would-be writers, led by a professional, someone with years of experience teaching.

Lighthouse Writers Workshop
Doors For Others to Follow

Editor's Note: This is the twelfth in a series of essays and podcasts in which readers and writers from all corners of the Lighthouse Writers Workshop community express why they believe in our mission to elevate the literary arts. Please support these important programs on Colorado Gives Day, December 10, when every gift is boosted by a $1.5 million incentive fund.

Apogee Journal
The Use of Force Continuum: Police, Power, and Prejudice - Apogee Journal

by Joe Ponce In Beavercreek, Ohio, under the glaringly white fluorescent lights of a Walmart superstore, John Crawford III walked around idly holding a BB gun he'd picked up from a shelf. He holds the gun limply (sometimes using it to scratch his back, his neck) as he speaks on the phone and wanders around...

Audio Drama

"THE RAT KING" - Redwood Bureau Phenomenon #2312

Listen to this episode from Redwood Bureau on Spotify. The interference of man has long caused disruption to the natural order. Beneath our feet, that disruption now seeks retribution. Hosted by Josh Tomar! Episode Story, Intro, and Outro Written by Joe Ponce Episode Narration and Sound Design by The Disciple...

"SALESMAN" - Redwood Bureau Phenomenon #0050

Listen to this episode from Redwood Bureau on Spotify. Viral can refer to disease, but it often refers to media. In the case of "SALESMAN", it's a horrible mixture of both to create something else. Something beyond natural and very deadly. Hosted by Josh Tomar!

Video Game Writing

Time Master on Steam (Dialogue & Story)

Zeno has accidentally banished his sister, so what now? Create paradoxes to help him complete trials and bring her back, obviously. Take on a wide variety of tightly timed puzzles while collaborating with your past self and experiencing a fully-voiced cinematic story as you help Zeno bring her back.

Massive Warfare

Character Backgrounds for Massive Warfare: Aftermath Game

Google Play Store Mobile Game
Freaky Clown: Town Mystery (Concept)

Plot & Puzzle Summary of Horror Thriller Game