Jordan McIntyre

Travel and Technical Writer

Location icon United States

The written word is one of the most powerful forms of expression. With the ability to extract emotion, reveal truths, connect the masses, and even topple empires; a pen and paper (or laptop for any of us living in the 21st century) is a practical weapon to say the least. I found myself afflicted with the writer's disease when I was young; the need to spill my thoughts into something tangible was too strong an urge to ignore. It began as a creative hobby, leading me into fantastical worlds in which I, essentially, was a god; and quickly led me into many other facets of the craft, each more interesting than the last. Writing has given me a voice, an outlet to place my creativity, and share my opinions. My writing is influenced by all the things that make me who I am. My love of travel and the arts, curiosity for science, and infatuation with details and the technical side of things; are all factors that go into making me the bright, individualistic young person I am and gives my writing a unique perspective that is accentuated by creativity and passion.