Jordan Anton


Jordan Anton is a writer and an interior designer; a storyteller at heart.

A wordsmith and communication specialist, Jordan's work has appeared in Le Petite Mort, VIVA Lifestyle & Travel, and, among other publications.

When she is not bound to pen and paper, Jordan likes to house-hunt and dream up design schemes.

Mexico's Underwater Art Gallery You Need to See to Believe

With white sandy beaches, piƱa coladas and stunning sunsets, Cancun often conjures up thoughts of your typical relaxing retreat. And yet, hidden off the coast of the crystal-clear beaches lies a gallery equal parts haunting and magical; the kind that you really need to see to believe.
Review: The Michael Show -

Amy Virginia Buchanan does not make "pretty" theatre, and she is not interested in painting a delicate, agreeable, carefully-worded picture of what it is like to live with Michael, her brother with down syndrome. The Michael Show, Amy's one-woman piece on life with Michael directed by Drew Petersen, is beautiful because it is honest.
Review: Makbet -

If you happen to be strolling in Brooklyn down McKibbin Street and hear an aggressively passionate sound arising from a graffitied crate junkyard... step inside, you won't soon regret it. Contained within a petite, abandoned shipping crate are the five feature members of the Dzieci Theater Company recreating the turbulent story of Macbeth with the help of a few vital costume pieces.

Creative Excerpt

A freshly graduated student must come to terms with her seemingly regressive life.

Reduce Nitrogen Pollution, a Killer in Disguise

Target: U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack Goal: Reduce dangerous nitrogen pollution to help human health and the environment Nitrogen, the key fertilizer for growing nutritious food, is also a growing concern for public health.

Eliminate the Penny to Boost the Economy

Target: Barack Obama, President of the United States Goal: Urge President Obama to retire the penny (one cent piece) to increase economic productivity The penny is draining millions of dollars from the United States' economy and contributing to higher taxes. According to the US Mint's 2011 annual report the current cost of minting pennies is 2.4 cents per coin.