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I'm a Comms Exec and award-winning writer with a background in performance and script analysis. Particularly interested in games, film and esoterica but attracted to anything shiny.


By Jonathan Laury, Copy Group Executive Games have come a long way in a very short space of time. Just in the last few years they have eclipsed the film industry for UK revenue, and yet they are still, inexplicably, seen as a poor relation.
Ten Top Tips For New Starters -

Advertising is a fast-paced business, both in terms of the work and the staff turnover. We put as much information as we can on our Knowledge Base or in blogs to help new starters get on top of all the different aspects of ad clearance, and even have a dedicated team that work with agencies new to TV.

Portman Group
Alcohol and Innovative Packaging

The alcohol industry has hugely creative people working in all areas, not least packaging design. It's become increasingly important to make sure products stand out on the shelf, and the packaging, even more than the label, is becoming a key point of difference.
Tips For Speeding Up Video Clearance -

Last month we published top tips from our New Business team that focused on recurring questions they receive. It was a heady mix of essential copy advice and sticky process issues. Well our Operations team had a read and realised they also had oodles of tips.

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Videogame Gothic

I mentioned the game Layers of Fear in a previous post. I hadn't played it but was looking forward to trying a horror game that didn't become merely stressful. I have most definitely played it now (twice - it's sensibly short) plus its dlc and enjoyed it very much.
Alternative Facts in Advertising -

It's only February, but already 'Alternative Facts' is set to be the phrase of the year. It's generally being used as a euphemism for a flat-out lie but this piece is, unsurprisingly, not going to delve into political debates on either side of the pond.

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The Fifth Element - The Chain Reaction Film Club

Film 41: The Fifth Element The Rules My chum Tim and I watch a film every week, taking it in turns to pick. The only catch? Each film has to be linked to the previous one by a shared actor. Previou...

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Emojis in Alcohol Marketing

Over the last couple of years our Advisory Service has seen an increasing number of requests for a view on use of emojis. It’s no surprise that advertisers want to grab hold of the latest ways in which people communicate – it’s an industry based on getting a message across so of course it will sit at the bleeding edge of technology.
Gambling Ads and Youth Appeal -

Whether it's a flutter on the fillies, betting on bingo or cashing out at the casino, gambling ads are a strong presence on UK TV. Unsurprisingly it's a contentious sector, and just like other hot topics, such as and , there are swathes of rules governing what can and can't be said.
Major new rules for E-cigarettes -

Since filtering on to the market e-cigarettes have proved a very interesting and often contentious product in advertising terms. After a bit of wrangling, a dedicated section of the BCAP code emerged and, armed with a handful of precedents, we've been helping advertisers successfully market their products within the regulations.

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Firewatch, games and sticking the landing

I've been playing an awful lot of games recently, which has been rather nice. And since 'finishing' the mahoosive Witcher 3 I've turned my attention to shorter games with a focus on the narrative. Stand up Firewatch, Life Is Strange and Tales From The Borderlands. That's got me thinking about endings, whether videogames approach them...
Alcohol Advertising Rules -

The alcohol sector has undergone something of a renaissance of late, with more wackily-named beers than you can shake a pint glass at and new distilleries churning out ever more-hipper-than-thou gins. We like a tipple here at Clearcast, but it's also one of the most tightly regulated categories and seldom out of the spotlight.

New X-Men: E Is For Extinction
E Is For Evolution

An article for the Hachette edition of Grant Morrison's New X-Men: E Is For Extinction

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